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Opened: Sep 22nd, 1999 - 4:00pm
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And so the tale begins.... Blue_Moon_Cheese.
StoryMeezer []
Circe D'Punkin sat looking out the window at the beautiful full moon. "WOWWW." she said to her Meowmy who was sitting there reading her book. Meowmy looked up briefly and went back to her book. "WOWW!" said Circe a little more insistantly. She ran over to her Meowmy and looked back up at the Moon. "some times I think you want to fly to that moon Circe, or talk it out of the sky!" Circe's Meomy said. "Sometimes you're quiet but that's Once in a Blue Moon!" she went back to her book but the wheels started turning behind those punkiny eyes. Blue Moon eh? wander what's up there? Circe raced down the stairs and started emailing the one purrrson who would know all about Moons, IoDiun.
Circe D'Punkin [lookin'@daMoon]
Putting down his binoculars, The Man in the Moon smiled......Seemed that there would shortly be a visitor to the Moon......finally.......
The Man In The Moon []
"Hello!!!!" Circe was desperate to get ahold of IoDuin. "Hello!!!!" Circe dear. . . You have to dial a number before the telephone works . . .
Circe []
Erin woke with a shiver from a deep sleep. A horrible goblin sound was coming from the kitchen. The hair along her backbone rose and she growled low in her throat. What was making that goblin noise? Slowly she slunk to the living room doorway where she could see a portion of the kitchen. A white ghostly figure was standing over the foodbowl. She hissed.
Confetti leapt ten inches straight up in the air. "What'd you do that for?"
"This time of night, you need to keep your gobbling head out of the food bowl." Erin complained. "Come back to bed, you idiot!" She stalked back to the nice warm waterbed, throughly disgusted.
Erin Leprechaun [Goblin@th']
All the underground passages were full of little green men.....the green cheese makers to be exact. A meeting had been called to alert everyone involved in Project seven to keep their eyes focused on Planet Earth.....rumour had it that meezer domination was due to ooze its way moonside........Full staff alert was rarely called for anything but the most serious of cases.....The main hall bulged as more and more poured into it.....a hush fell over the crowd as the BIG CHEESE spoke......
Green Cheese Maker []
"Ioduin, finally I got alhold of you! I've got the perfect place for the next site of meezer domination. Let's go to the moon!"
Circe D'Punkin [wantin']
L'il Green could not understand what the fuss was all what if a few C A T S were planning to meant no never mind to him......surely there must be a few fellow green points in the bunch...cats or no they would be fellow points and if anyone could get to a point, L'il Green could....he couldn't wait.
L'il Green Point []

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