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And so the tale begins.... Meezer's_Side_of_the_Story.
StoryMeezer []
My name is Meezer. Once I was thrown out because I had supposedly scratched Timmy. Sure, I was a little ----- eccentric at times, but I'd never scratch him! He is a sweet little boy, and I'd never hurt him, yet old Tom would.
Renee []
Tom was grumpy in his old age. He had had years of solitude and household dominance. In short, he was used to being head cat. Then I came along. I was a baby and had been the last of my litter not to be adopted. Finally Timmy's mom took me home as a birthday gift for him. That was not my whole reason for being brought to Timmy's see, Tom was getting on in years and I was here to...well, to put it boldly...take his place. He was to train me to be a good kitty, as he'd had many years experience being the boss of the house. It was my job to run he place when he retired to that big catnip field in the sky. Tom must have known that was my purpose, because he hated me from the start. When Timmy or his mommy were around old Tom was an angel. The perfect hospitable teacher. But when Timmy or his mommy left, Tom threatened me! He sometimes batted at me with his paws and hissed in an effort to scare me off. Finally he realized I wasn't leaving and he must have decided to set me up! I was framed! Up until that night I was the ideal kitty. I played, talked, cuddled...sure I had my moments when I pounced a foot or two...but, hey! Who hasn't!
Kimberly []
The night it all happened I was asleep under Timmy's bed. Usually I slept with him, but that night he was thrashing around and had accidently smacked me, so I decided to sleep under his bed to spare my aching head. I had heard the pitter-patter of cat steps in the hall outside of the bed room, but thought nothing of it because Tom was still the night watchcat so to speak, and I assumed it was he who was securing the homestead. Suddenly, I heard the bounce of the bedsprings as the weight of a cat landed on it. I heard the hiss and was about to ask Tom what he was up to; when suddenly Timmy screamed. I jumped up to check on my human pet when the other cat whom I had thought was Tom, flew passed be and out the window next to the bed. Timmy's mommy came in and turned the light on. She instantly turned to me and yelled at the top of her lungs. Just before she grabbed me I saw what the commotion had been...Timmy had a big scratch on his cheek! Wouldn't you know it...since I had been on the bed when Timmy was found by his mom..I was blamed and tossed outside into the cold, dark, night. I fumed about what Tom had done to me, and then I realized something. The other cat hadn't smelled like Tom! But that was ridiculous. If it wasn't Tom...then who?
Nate []
Suddenly I heard a "psssst. Psssst." sound. I turned and saw that inside the house, by the bathroom window, was Tom. "Tom." I said aggrivatedly. "What's going on?" Tom sighed and began. "It was not you who hurt Timmy, it was the kitty whom Timmy wanted to get before they chose you." I was stuned. I was the first choise out of two? "The other cat was the last left of the litter of a cat who lives next door. He hated having his brothers and sisters taken before him. He was a proud cat and they let him live here on a trial basis. Unfortunatly, he got up into the cupboards and broke a few glasses. Then he marked the clean laundry and then tore the stuffing out of little Timmy's teddy bear." Timmy's mommy gave the other cat back, and he was furious and said that the cat who took his place would pay for being chosen before he was, that he would become head cat. That cat is you, Meezer." I was flabergasted! He hates me! "You had better watch yourself, he's out there too." fear flew up my spine. "I'll get Timmy's mommy to let me out. I'll get her to let both of us back in in the morning, ok?" "Wait, I thought you hated me!" I asked. "I had to see how strong you were. I've decided you will make a good watch cat." Suddenly he jumped down and was gone. I went to the back door to wait for Tom, and was sitting quietly when I heard soft steps in the bushes beside me. All of a sudden two glowing yellow eyes appeared and then a sleek black cat jumped out and landed in front of me. "You must be my replacment." He sneared. "You must be Timmy's attacker." I stammered. He smelled my fear and stepped closer. "You and I should have a little talk. Come, walk with me." "No, thats alright. I...I'd prefer to stay here." He snickered. "Fine by me. You see, I want to have a good home. I want to have the position of power I was to have before you came along. I will have it. And that means you have to be gone." He bared his teeth and hissed. Fear took me in bounds and I trembled. He raised his paw and extended his claws. He was going to kill me! Hate replaced my fear and I felt a great growl grow in my throat. The noise I made shocked even was LOUD. The black cat hesitated as the sneer was replaced with confusion. Suddenly the door behind me opened and old Tom flew upon the unexpecting intruder. The black cat cried out and fled in terror. Timmy's mommy saw what happened, and had heard me cry out. "Oh, you dear! You were protecting Timmy weren't you! Oh, you precious baby! She blurted. Then she grabbed both Tom and I and gave us treats and affection. Later that night Tom finished his rounds and came to me where I was sleeping in Timmy's room. "You really impressed me tonight. You definatly have a welcome place here, Meezer. I would be honored to train you." As he left a warm sensation took hold of my heart. You know, I think I'll like it here.
Mary K []

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