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The fog settled in over London's side streets and all the little kittens were in for the night.......but something was missing.....Big Ben had failed to strike the hour, what could it mean?
Meowriority had struck instead....he stole Big Ben right out from under the nose of Purrlock Holmes....
Shoeshine []
The gas lamps in the drawing room a 221B Bacon Street were aglow with a soft light. Casting shadows apon the facickie already hidden by a veil, the distinct Punkin Eyes were shrouded in mystery. Looking as nonchalant as possible, the mysterious maiden continued to cast glances at the remarkable meezer that was, Purrlock Holmes.

Purrlock Holmes swirled the drink in his glass thoughtfully. Aahhh his favorite! A martini with a shrimp twist!!!!
The Mysterious Maiden [veilcovering/]
Meowriority hissed as he watched the Mysterious Maiden sweep through the entrance of 221B Bacon St. Purrlock Holmles mustn't speak to this particular Meowden as she was the key to the mystery of Big Ben.....He must stop her from talking at all costs....gathering him minions together he hatched the plot.
Meowriority []
Meowriority had not gone unnoticed....the flower seller was in actuality in the employ of Purrlock.....the note was written to warn Purrlock and passed on....
Shoeshine []
The lamplighter came in from his damp, thankless job. "I may be a minion of Meowriority," he growled, "and I may be a cockney kitty, but I don't know when to light my lamps with Big Ben gone! Burr-tender! Bring me a Beefeater's." He joined Meowriority at the bar.
ElijahDoolittle [ []]
The Meowsterious Maiden swept off her veil and threw down before Purrlock Holmes a most intriguing item. A fragment of the Schmousie tail skittered across the room. . . In her most dramatic tones with Punkiny eyes flashing, she wailed, "that's all that's left of all of them! Oh Purrlock! Wot to Do???"
Mysterious Maiden [uncovered/]
Meowriority hunched closer to his drink and unveiled the plan to kidnap Purrlock HOlmes......Big Ben was only the red herring to lure the Famous Sleuth into his clutches. Purrlock stood in the way of the largest jewel heist of the century...the HAWKE diamond would be his for the taking. What sparkle! What dazzle! The ladies would flock to him once the diamond was his.
Meowriority []
Elijah tucked his nose into his broth. "Bloody weather we're 'avin, mate. Cold, damp, not a night fur man nor beast. We don't need to let them two be talking too much, do we? They might find out that sompin's afoot. Lissen, chief, wot ya want me to do about the dame?"
Elijah Doolittle []
The famous Hawke diamond will be on display at the Meowseum of Fine Arts from Saturday June 26 through Saturday July 3. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view this magnificent JOOL.....It was reported to be one of the largest known diamonds in the modern world making the HOPE diamond look like a speck....Tickets will be on sale starting today....
jimmyolsen []
The horsedrawn carriage pulled up a few doors from 221B Bacon St and a dark cloaked figure emerged....his gold cane glistened in the lamplight....he tipped his hat at two sinister figures lurking in the emerged from blackness....both faded into the background of night. "Purrlock is nowhere to be found" was the only thing whispered into the silence...."Drat!" and "Mouse Lips" were the words first uttered from Meowriority's purrsed lips. "We take the HAWKE diamond with or without Holmes under raps....I want that diamond! "
Meowriority []
The gorgeous punkiny eyes follow Purrlock about the room. Then without warning the exuberant soul leapt at Purrlock, the heavy folds of her Red Gown swirling . . .
A dart stuck to the wall where Purrlock had been. So engrossed in the dart they failed to notice a braizer filled with catnip lit in the corner of the drawing room . . .
Circe D'Punkin []
Elijah lurked in the darkness outside the window at 221 Bacon Street. For some mysterious reason ???, the lamp near the street had not been lit, and his lilac mask blended into the shadowy fog. "Heh, heh, heh!" he laughed in a sinister way. "Just wait until that catnip takes effect! There'll be some hijinks then!"
LurkingElijah []
"Good 'eavens" a voice behind Elijah boomed. "Wot are you doing lurking about 'ere in the courtyard? Pur'aps we should go inside and see if Mr Purrlock knows he 'as visitors 'iding in his shrubbery?" He grabbed Elijah by the nape of his neck. "On second thought, I ought to take you straight to jaol! Meeting the great Purrlock 'Olmes is too good fur the likes of riff raff like you! It makes me job worthwhile when I c'n clear the Queen's streets o' such scum. Come along, now!"
Robert Constable [LondonBobby@Elijah']
Purrlock Holmes picked himself up from the floor after being unceremoniously dumped there by the Mysterious Maiden, dusted himself off, whicketts twitching and extended a paw to help the maiden to her feet.

"Thank you, my dear" he said, returning his calabash pipe to its rightful place between his lips. "Quite unnecessary, though." Behind the veil her eyes lit up and she blushed bashfully. This did not escape Holmes's astute powers of observation, but, being a gentleman, he said nothing.

Glancing at the opposite wall, he noticed the dart. Paws behind his back, he walked over to examine it. "Aha, what have we here?". Picking up his magnifying glass to examine it more closely, he heard a thump on the floor and turned around to see the Mysterious Maiden falling to the floor. At the same time he caught a whiff of a strange odour...
Purrlock Holmes []
Circe D'Punkin slid to the floor ina graceful swoon. "Purrlock" she mewed in a supplicating tone, "help me I'm falling asle . . ." as dainty snore rose from the kitten on the floor . . . .
Circe D'Punkin []
"Owww, owww, owww," moaned Elijah. "Watch the neck there, gov! You wouldn't want to hurt a poor workin' sod like meself, now would ya, constable? You know me - I'm Elijah, the Lamplighter!"

"The lamplighter? Aye - well, blimey, wot are you doing in the courtyard then mate?" blustered the constable. "I can't be too careful when I see sompin' suspicious 'appening, you know. Wot are you after in the shrubbery?"

"Um, ah, looking for a ladder, constable, sor! If you notice, the lamp is out - I need to find a ladder to see wot's the matter wif it, sor, yes, a ladder. I was 'oping Mr. "Olmes would have a ladder 'ere under the eaves." hedged Elijah.
Trapped Elijah [prevaricating@thehandsofthelaw]
Purrlock moved swiftly to the side of the stricken damsel, feeling slightly light headed himself. Taking her delicate paw in his, he felt a strong pulse and was relieved to find that she was only unconcious. "What could have caused her to faint?" he wondered to himself. He removed a cushion from the chair and placed it under her head, calling for Mrs Kitson as he did so.

"Mewhew! This strange smell is really strong on this side of the study! Must open a window for some fresh air" he thought, moving towards the window to open it. As was his manner to observe all and sundry, he glanced out of the window and saw Constable Bobby talking to a strange character.

"Who is that? I have seen that unsavoury looking face before, but where?" he thought as he too, slowly sank to the ground unconscious ....

Purrlock Holmes [221(b)]
The first day of the exhibit dawned bright and Meowriority was one of the first to enter the building as the doors openned. He casually walked from room to room feigning interest in many items so as not to draw attention to himself...but there was really only one thing he had come to see......THE glistened and beckoned from across the room. He had to put his paws in his pocket to keep from grabbing it then and there. The time was not yet ripe for plucking....
Meowriority []
Circe revived from her faint slowly, her much celebrated punkiny eyes opened to cerelean blue ones. The sparkling twinkles looked from gledging almond eyes.

"Madame," came a hearty voice, if a trifle young, "Let meow help you to your dainty feet that I may introduce meowself purrroppurrrly. My name is . . ."
Circe D'Punkin []
Elijah's eyes goggled as he watched from his lofty perch on the ladder. Who was this handsome bloke and where did he come from? His lilac mask twitched as he sniffed and thought out loud, "I don't smell 'is scent. 'E must have gotten in through the back while those two were out cold and I was waylaid by th' constable! I'll bet a hapenny that Meowriority would give 'is eyeteeth to know about this!"

He scrambled down the ladder and headed to the pub where he and Meowriority usually met.
Astonished Elijah []
Meowriority sat patiently at the table waiting for his trusted accomplice to arrive with news of Purrlock's whereabouts.....Elijah was notoriously late always and Purrlock had long since given up looking at his timepiece....At last, Elijah's scowling face peered through the dirty window seeking out Meowriority. Meowriority beckoned him in and he ordered two pints from the barmaid.....
Meowriority []
"Thanks fer th' pint, chief," gasped Elijah. "Yew won't believe th' troubles I've had tryin' to watch Mr. 'Olmes fer yew. "First, I saw him and that dame get shot at wif' a dart! I didn't do it, 'onest! As I was watchin', tha' bloody constable collared me an' gave me a hard time. Purrlock and th' dame both musta got overtook by th' catnip that wuz burnin'. 'Avin' cleverly gotten rid of th' Bobby, I was about to enter th' 'ouse when I saw a strange suave character makin' up to th' dame! I ran right over to tell yew th' news. 'Olmes wuz still out cold on th' carpet, and th' dart wuz gone."

He took a gulp of his ale. "How does th' new bloke enter into your plans fer the diamond, chief? Wot do yew think his agenda is?"
Panting Elijah [Reportin'th'news@th']
Stroking his furry chin, Meowriority scowled and shook his head...."I want to know who this fly in the ointment is......YOUR job was to kidnap Purrlock and up to now YOU have failed me.....I want you to go back to 221b Bacon St. and find out who he is....and I WANT PURRLOCK HOLMES!" " Meet me back here tomorrow at the same time and we'll go over the plans...."
Meowriority []
"Wait, now, Meowriority, sor," Elijah groveled. "There's sompin' I been meanin' to say to yew. I been watchin' Mr.'Olmes fer yew like yew said - and at risk to life 'n' limb, I might add when I got nabbed by th' constable. All I've gotten so fer is this pint of ale. I need some of that remuneration yew promised me, an' I need it before I dew anymore work fer yew, especially sompin' as dangerous as gettin' Mr 'Holmes."
Elijah Doolittle [Blackmailin'forMoney@th']
Meowriority flipped three gold coins up into the air where they landed square in the middle of Elijah's paw pad......"grab Holmes and you'll get 50 of these." Meowriority stood up and strode out of the pub.....
Meowriority []
Three gold coins! This was more than Elijah had dared hoped for. He surreptitiously slipped under the table, put one of the coins in his mouth, and bit down hard. Peering at it in the gloom of the "My Fair Lady" pub, he could see that the gold coin was not dented. "Fake!" he yowled. "I should have known better than to trust such a black'earted creature!"
Elijah Doolittle [Thinkin'aboutLeavin'townWithTh'Gold@th'nextTrainOut]
Meowriority chuckled as he walked down the alley swinging his cane........"Mine,all mine". he thought deeply of the sparkle of the HAWKE diamond and how it would look on the end of his cane where he could keep a good eye on it....but Purrlock Holmes must be put out of commission...he would be the only one able to track the trail of the greatest jewel thief of all times.....HE, Meowriority, was indeed the master....fools like Elijah Donothing were a dime a dozen. When he was through with Elijah he would mew like a kitten.....
Meowriority []
Elijah scurried out from underneath the table with a black scowl on his normally lilac face, nearly frightening the whiskers off the lad in the houndstooth jacket at the bar. He'd get that Meowriority for this, yes he would! Just wait till they met again tomorrow - he'd pretend that he didn't know about the counterfeit coins.

"I'll get all the information about th' jool heist at th' mewseum," he plotted, "then I'll really 'ave somethin' to blackmail 'im with. 'E will not get away scat-free this time, no sirree!" His ears were laid back nearly flat to his head in vexation with this latest turn of events. "That wretch 'ad better treat me wif a little more respeck iffen 'E wants me to work fer 'im!"
Hissin' and Spittin' Elijah [Plottin'revenge@ablack'eartedChief]
Oh, dearie me, Sir, wake up!" meowled Mrs Kitson, shaking Purllock Holmes gently on the shoulder. Groggily he came to his senses. "What happened?" he slurred.

"Oh, Sir, you was out like a light when I foond you. And there were this horrible smell all over the room. It dissapeared after I opened the window. Are you allright Sir?"

"Well I will be, thank you. Please go and call Dr Watkit. Where is Miss Punkin?!There is something amiss! Just before I passed out, I saw Constable Bobby talking to somebody outside in the street. If only I could remember where I have seen that character before."

Purrlock poured himself a wee drintle of Scotch, lit his pipe and sat back in his armchair going over the strange happenings of the last few hours...

As Dr Watkit walked in proclaiming: " You requested my presence Holmes?"
Purrlock shouted out "Of course, Elijah Doolittle!" ...
Purrlock Holmes [221b]
Robert Constable nervously drummed his fingers on his desk. A call from the great Purrlock Holmes! "Must be that 'E wants me expertise on a case." He flattered himself by indulging in a short favourite daydream. "Maybe Scotland Yard couldn't help 'im, an'he needs ME. Then when they hear what a clever fellow I am, they'll hire me on..." He slicked his short dark fur down with a quick tongue to forepaw, and picked up the phone.

"Hallo? Constable Robert Constable 'ere." ... "Yes, that were me in your courtyard talkin' to th' lamplighter."... "Oh, no, nothin' like that, Mr. 'Olmes. He were just lookin' fer a ladder to fix the lamp out at the street." ... "Yes, it would be nice if evfurrybody were so conscientious."... "No trouble at all, Sir, it's really an 'onor to 'ave the priv'lege of talkin' wif yew, sir.
Robert Constable [DreamingOfScotlandYard@theConstabulary]
Ms. D'Punkin sat in the dark corners of the carriage as it rattled down the cobblestones. The dark gown she wore complimented her famed punkiny eyes, the jet beads sewn onto it didn't sparkle half as much as did those celebrated features.

The London night was filled with fog the perfect night! Purrlock Holmes was distracted, passed out or at the very least thought she was in distress. Meowriarty was gloating and now was the time to claim her DUE.

A certain Capitan's wife had commissioned her to retrieve the famous HAWKE jool, as it had been a gift from her swashing and buckling lover. . .
Circe D'Punkin []
Purrlock Holmes replaced the telephone, slowly lit his pipe and, deep in thought returned to his favourite armchair.

"What was that all about, Holmes?" enquired Dr Watkit.

"Constable Bobby about Doolittle, Watkit. Seems he was only lighting the streetlights," replied Purrlock Holmes, dragging deeply on his pipe. "My main concern now is what has happened to ms D'Punkin. I fear she has been abducted."

"Oh dear. Wot to do now?" questioned Dr Watkit.

"Come" replied Purrlock Holmes, donning his deerstalker and cape, thrusting his trusty magnifying glass into his pocket and heading for the door. "I do believe the silence of Big Ben will offer a few answers"

Poor Dr Watkit barely had time to shout "We're off, Mrs Kitson"

Purlock Holmes and his trusted friend turned left down Bacon street, heading towards the tower of London...
Purrlock Holmes [221b]
Elijah pattered quietly after the two men. They had no idea he was following them. With his lilac mask, he blended purrfectly into the shadows. When Dr. Watkit moved into an alley to answer a call of nature, Elijah seized the opportunity. Leaping onto Purrlock's back, he stuffed a catnip mouse between his fangs before he could cry out. Then quickly, he dispatched the once great Purrlock Holmes into a waiting Hansom cab. The driver already had his instructions, and sped off with the catnip-befuddled Holmes.

Elijah waited in the street until Dr. Watkit came back. "Hallo, Sor! Yew be the chap known as Dr. Watkit? Mr 'Olmes saw me lightin' the lamps earlier and pointed yew out t' me. Told me yew were a fine eddicated man. Saw 'Olmes just now, too! 'E said that 'E couldn't wait fer yew. Looked to be in a bloody 'urry about sompin'. 'Ope yew catch up to 'im!."
Sneakin' Elijah [Kitnappin'Olmes@Meoriority'sCommand]
"I beg your pardon Sir, are you talking to me? Are you sure your facts are correct?" said a very perplexed Dr Watkit, wondering what had come over Holmes. It was quite unlike Holmes to just take off like that, especially after he had so rudely summonsed Watkit to his apartment. Must be Holmes in that cab racing into the distance. Well nothing for it but to return home, but he would give Holmes a piece of his mind when he got home!!!!
Dr Watkit [221b]
Carefully watching Elijah deter the good Dr., Shoeshine waited until he saw Elijah leave and Dr. Watkit head toward home...."Errrr sum flowers ......half penny a bunch...." Dr. Watkit reached out for the note Shoeshine must surely wish to pass along to Purrlock.....reading it he started, turned on his heels and head after the long departed cab which carried off Purrlock Holmes.
Shoeshine []
To Her Most Royal and Empressive (groan) Empress Ramona on this the sixth Year of the Zhukov Dynasty, greetings and Salmeowtations,

Having Undertaken the Return of the HAWKE Diamond, I have taken it from display and stored it in a safe place until such time as it will be safe to transport it. Purrlock Holmes and Meowriarty are watchful. I shall disguise myself so that I my keep an eye on it's hiding place until your arrival . . .

Circe D'Punkin
Circe D'Punkin [toEmpressR@Val's]
The day before the Museum heist arrived bright and early as did Meowriority to take one last look at the security arrangements for the HAWKE. Meowriority sidled by the display case where the Hawke had been and stared....WHAT?????????????? Where was the Hawke? If Purrlock were involved then he Meowriority would see to it that Purrlock never solved another case again.
Meowriority [curses@the]
The cab pulled up to a small barge floating on the river. All lanterns were out, and the neighbourhood was not a nice one. Harry the Hansom cab driver quckly and quietly unloaded the somnolent body that had been pitched into his cab earlier.

"Not me usual fare." muttered Harry, carrying Holmes down the shadowy ramp onto the barge. "At least it pays well." He rolled the once great Holmes onto a stack of filthy burlap sacks down in the hold. "Phew! Wot a reek! Wonder wot was the last thing this barge hauled!" He tromped back up the ramp, carefully locking the hold hatch behind him. "I 'ope some one has the key to get him back out." He fingered the three gold coins in his pocket. "At least it pays well, at least it pays well."
'Ansom 'Arry [Unloadin'th'body@th'barge.riv]
Blue eyes in the darkness watched as the cab clattered off over the riverfront cobblestones. A sealy-black nose sniffed the air, making sure no man or beast was around. Big, intelligent ears swiveled at the least sound. When he was sure the coast was clear, the figure slithered down the ramp onto the barge, casting loose the ropes from the moorings. A quiet motor rumbled to life, and the barge disappeared down the river into the clammy, damp night air. A quiet chuckle of satisfaction from the foul smelling barge was heard only by a starving, emaciated wharf rat.
Unknown Bargeman [StealthItself@the barge.riv]
Elijah waited at the "My Fair Lady" pub for Meowriority to appear. He'd done a good night's work, and was looking forward to playing the innocent when Meowriority came. Those three counterfeit coins had been useful after all, and this time, he would ask for paper money to help defray the cost of some of his expenses.

"Burr-Tender! Bring me yer best tuna, in spring water, and make sure it's fresh." called Elijah in an expansive mood. "And grate a 'alf ounce of yer sharpest cheddar over th' top of that if yew will."
Elijah Doolittle [SatisfiedKitnapper@th']
"Not now," Meowriority cancelled Elijah's order and sat down heavily on the chair across from Elijah. "The HAWKE is gone!" Purrlock is behind all this not doubt...its all your fault, if you had nailed the bloke when I told you to, none of this would be happening....." Meowriority was barely able to control his anger and he pounded on the table sending silver flying in all directions.
Meowriority []
"Hey, Chief! Wot do yew mean, cancelling me tuna? I done a hard day's work this night. Burr-Tender, Bring it on anyways!" yowled Elijah. "An don't ferget th' cheddar!"

Then in a w-hiss-per, "I got 'Olmes under wraps, chief. 'E didn't take no diamond! I got 'im 'idden away where nobody will ever find 'im!
Elijah Doolittle [Wantin'isTuna@th'table.NOW]
The barge grated to rest along the bank under a huge oak tree. Skeleton-like branches stood out in sharp relief against the sky. A low miserable moan came from the hold.

"Hissst." spat the bargeman. "Yew bessst be ssssilent, yew wretcccch."
Unknown Bargeman [Mistreatin'Olmes@th'barge.riv]
Purrlock Holmes slowly opened his eyes, shook his head to clear the fog (after all this was the second time he had been druuged in one night) and sat upright.

"Where in the name of Hades am I?" he wondered curiously. "How could I have been so stupid?" Looking around he realised that he was in a dark cell, small high barred window and a very musty smell.

Getting to his feet, he started to look around and inspect the premises. Dank stone floor and walls, heavy wooden door - seems to be a dungeon. Now how to get out. Just then, he heard footsteps coming closer, and pretended to be unconscious.

He heard the heavy key turn in the lock, and peeking through one eye recognised his captor. "Elijah!" As Elijah bent over him, Purrlock stuck out his claws and grabbed him by the whiskers. "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" went Elijah, "Wot you be doin' that furr, gov?"

"I am most disappointed in your actions Elijah! What is the meaning of this? Who is behind this??" demanded Holmes, twisting Elijah's whiskers.

"Ooh, Ouch, carefuls guv, alright I'll talk, just please leave me whicketts! It all be Meowriority"

"i should have known!" said Holmes. "Tell me what he is up to."

"Well guv," sai Elijah meekly, "He be after the "awke diamond, but 'onest guv, I don't know what his plans be, but ye might be finding 'im at the "My Fair Lady" pub.

"Thank you for being so obliging Doolittle" said Holmes, shoving Elijah to the floor an d dashing to the door, locking it behind him. "Now to find that feline fiend" ...
Purrlock Holmes [feelinggroggy@wheretheheckami]
"OOOOOoooooo." moaned Purrlock. "What a dream!" He felt around him on the wooden floor. By the gentle rocking motion, he could tell that he was on a boat or craft of some kind. It was very dark and smelled horrible.

I dreamed that Elijah Kitnapped me and threw me in a dungeon." thought Holmes. "But this is no dungeon! I wonder if I can see out?" He crawled over to a small beam of light piercing through two boards. A lean, mean black-nosed Bargeman hissed at him. "It couldn't have been Elijah." thought Holmes. "Elijah wears a lilac mask."
Purrlock Holmes [Havin'aDream@thebarge.riv]
"Hsssst - sssspittccccch." sprayed the thin seal-faced bargeman. "I sssssee yew are awakkkkke." A small bilge drain was opened at floor level and three dead mice were poked in. "I guesssss yew'll be ingesssstin' lotssss of miccccce. Nothin' elsssse fitssss passss th' pipessssss. Might catcccccchh ssssssome fissssh fer messsssself an' sssssssend yew th' bonesssssss, yessss." With a sibilant snicker he moved amidships.
Unknown Bargeman [Feedin'Holmes@th'barge.riv]
"so you think you are the best detective in the world......Help me find the HAWKE and you will be set free "...hissed Meowrioriy, as he stared through the peephole at his arched enemy....Purrlock. "Refuse and you'll rot here to eternity....."
Meowriority []
A small(ish) pussum sat on a coffee shop toying with a latte and watching the hussle and bustle. Her sharp eyes missed nothing and as meezes came and went from Bacon St. She at last came to the end of her drink. Tossing coins on the table she was momentarily distracted when one rolled into the dark corner, but turning back to the tableaux across the street; she left the coffee shop and followed the last group to leave Bacon St. serruptiously. . .
An Interested Pawty []
"Meowriority!!!!" hissed Holmes "I might have known it weowld be you! You are the only scoundrel vile enough to dream up a scheme like this. I demand that you let me out now!!"

"Hrrmmff" was Meowriority's reply, "I have given you me terms. The HAWKE or you rot here forever."

Holmes did not even dignify that with an answer - he was after all a Meezer Detective Extra-eow-denaire and his keen senses would soon have him out of this predicament.

Removing his trusty magnifying glass from his pocket, he proceeded to scoure the area, by what meagre light the tiny peephole offered ... "Although the wood is wet and smells so rotten, it seems quite solid. No apparent way out there." He turned is attention to the tiny peephole, and examining it thoroughly, determined that there was nothing there that could be of help or interest. He searched further in the dark dank interior when his feet touch something cold. He bent over to examine it more closely. "Ah HA, what have we here??" ...
Purrlock Holmes [angryand@theendofhisthether]
"Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay,
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay,
So when the cat has got your tongue
there's no need for dismay
Just summon up this word
and then you've got a lot to say!
Supercalifragilistic expialidocious
Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious...
Supercalifragilistic expialidocious!
Mary Pussims [Cheerin']
Coal black ears twitched at the sound of singing. "Wotsssss thissssss?" hissssed the bargeman. "Who'sssssss thisssssss ssssssinging? Remindsssss me of thissssss nursssse I had whhhhhhen I wasssss jusssst a little pussssssss."
Unknown Bargeman [Hearin'things@thebarge.riv]
Elijah sauntered down the street. It had been a long time since he had been out in broad daylight. He'd picked Meowriority's pocket while he was bent over, talking to Holmes through the bilge drain, and now he was in the money! It was all real money, too, none of this counterfeit stuff.

"It's about time I treated meself to a bit of a 'oliday," Elijah purred to himself. "Me thinks I'll stop 'ere at this little shop for tea an' crumpets. A nice 'ot salmon croquette would go down nice about naow too."
Elijah Doolittle [A'oliday@Meowriority'sExpense]
As he rounded the corner, Constable Bobby saw Elijah disappear into a small tea room. "I wonder what that cheeky lad is up to now?" he thought and he slowed his pace a bit to remain well out of his sight. "Ah don't usually see 'im out an' about this time o' mornin'!"

Through the plate glass window, he saw Elijah order the expensive salmon platter and extra green olives with his tea and crumpets. "Hmmm. 'E must have come into a bit more coppers than a lamplighter usually 'as access to." Bobby mused. "Mought be a good idea to 'ave someone from the station tail 'im fer a few days. With 'Olmes kitnapped, things 'ave sure been in an uproar. Wish I could be th' bloke wot finds HIM!"
Constable Bobby [Spyin'onElijah@th']
The fog had grown so thick that the carriage slowed to the pace of mourners in a funeral procession. The dampness chilled Ramona to the bone as she watched each gaslight lamp they passed. She hoped she would be in time to rendezvous with dear Circe, but Ramona also sensed a Callous Eville lurking in the mist. The carriage came to a stop at he the appointed meeting place......the statue of Horatio Hornblower. Ramona's grip on her derrenger tightened as she heard approaching steps on the cobblestone.......

Ramona [lady@carriage.awaits]
A dirty scruffy figure approached the elegant baroche . . .
As the curtain was drawn back the urchin was confronted with the angry countanence of Ramona and a little pistol . . . "Wait!" squeaked the urchin in a high little mew. Sweeping of her disguise Circe D'Punkin stole into the carriage . . .
Circe D'Punkin []
"Elegant little carriage." muttered Elijah. "Two beautiful lissom' females. Oppurrtunity calls, and 'Ere I come." With one swift, silent leap and bound, the driver was dispatched and Elijah had taken his place. An evil leer on his lilac countenance, he drove off into the mist with his two female passengers all unawares. He held a pawful of catnip so that the breeze would blow the nip back into the passenger compartment.

"Methinks I could get used to this kitnappin' game!' thought Elijah. "I'll put them into th' barge wif 'Olmes, find out who to send the ransom note to, and make double the money wif one caper. Ain't I a CLEVER beast tho'. Iffin ah 'ave to hire the bargeman, an' see that they are fed, mought as well do it fer three as well as one." He heard the soft sounds of the two females slumping to the floor in the carriage. "HEH, heh, heh. I likes the sound o' this game!"
Elijah DunnaLOT [Kitnappin'again@th'spurOth']
"Three presssciousssss prisssssssonerssss, prime ssspecimenssss." slobbered the bargeman. "Pussssshin' mucccch micessss through th' pipessss, I will be, yessss. Me mussst 'ave more copperssss for thissss, we mussssst. Any sssspeccccial ssservicesss fer th' ladiesssss, SSSir?"

"Naw." scoffed Elijah. "Throw in another burlap bag or tew, and be sure t' give them extry catnip through th' pipes before yew go in to change th' water. Per'aps a nice rat mought dew fer a change of diet, wot!"

"Snisss, snisss, snisss" snickered the bargeman through his snout. "Jessst a ssssack tew sssssleep on, and rodentsssss fer ssssuch well bred pussssessss. Jusssstice, that isss, well dessserved jusssstice. We never 'ad sssuch sssstuff assss thesssse pampered pursssonsssss exxxxxpecct every day. Sssservessss them roight, yessss."
Unknown Bargeman [Sssspittin'n'sprayin']
Meowriority peeped through the hole into the dark hot prison that held Circe, Ramona and Holmes. Flipping the bargeman two copper coins Meowriority laughed as he spoke "Holmes......think of the you think this a fit place for such fine flowers? Help me with the HAWKE and the ladies and your fine self may simple. Answer me Holmes."
Meowriority []
Tailing Elijah for Constable Bobby had been a simple task. It didn't look like much was going on, though - a lean black-nosed bargeman and Elijah were spending most of their day fishing and catching the occasional mouse. "Ho, Hum." Gregory thought. "I guess this is what a lamplighter does during his day off. Not too much excitement in his simple life, I expect. Huntin' and fishin' with his mates, the occasional feline companion. Truely a pastorial life."
Gregory Gumshoe [SpywithoutaClue@thebarge.riv]
"Now look here Sir, these ladies mean nothing to me. What you do with them is your concern." he said to Meowriority, winking galantly at the ladies to let them know that it was part of his ploy to disarm their captor.

All the while he was going over their "cell" thoroughly as was his way of doing things. He knew that it was up to him to get the ladies out of their or they would all perish at the hands of the callous, unscrupulous Meowriority. It was to be a battle between brain and brawn, but he knew that his superior wit would overcome.

Magnifying glass in hand, he went over the dark interior of the barge with a fine toothcomb. Not much here that could help them! He moved his attention to the outer walls, inspecting them one by one, from top to bottom, going over every nail. "What was this? This slat appeared different to the others!"

He pushed and prodded with his paws and felt the slat give way. Going back to where the girls sat cowering in fear, he whispered: "I have found something. Please, would you keep Meowriority occupied so that I may make a full inspection?"

While the ladies started wailing and drawing Meowriority's attention away, Holmes worked at loosening the wooden slat. "Soon" he thought to himself, "We'll all be out of here"...
Purrlock Holmes [keepinghiscalm@holeinthebarge]
"Hisssssst. Ssssoundssss likkke sssssomebody mought be ssssssliding into her hhhheat." splattered the bargeman excitedly. "I sssshould be glad to give ssssome reliefffff fer your ssssysmptomssss. Fffelinesssss in hhhheat are a sssspeciality of mine, yessss." He sniffed at the bilge drain with an expert nose. "I don't ssssssmell anyone rrready quite yet, but be ssssure to kkkkeep me in mind. Sssure ssssoundsssss like sssssomeone'ssss ready!"
Unknown Bargeman [Listenin'toth'females@th'barge.riv]
Purrlock turned around with a shocked look on his face. "Gently does it, please ladies. We just want to direct their attention away from what I am doing and not draw attention of the entire male population of London."

He returned his attention to loosening the wooden slat...
Purrlock Holmes [gentlyladies@hopingfor freedom]
Meowriority passed out gold coins to several unsavories alley type cats and spoke with a scowl on his face "Fifty more to anyone who comes up with the purrson or purrsons who stole the HAWKE afore extra fifty if you delivers said individual to me own hands......". Turning to Elijah, he whispered....."Find me Watkin and I'll give you my gold stickpin with the little diamonds. He most certainly is behind this I feel it in my bones....".
Meowriority []
"Hmmmph." thought Elijah. "Probably that stickpin's only cheap goldtone plate an' the diamonds're only paste. Why should I do any work fer 'im when I'm not sure if he's gonna pay me wif th' real goods? Can't never trust a crook."

Sneakily he patted down Meowriority's pockets while pretending to straighten his collar and brush a bit of lint off him. "Wot's this, Gov? Been rolling in th' hay with a fancy feline lately? Got a bit o' th' dust o' England on yer, ye do! Ah must say that Watkit's always surrounded with th' constables since 'Olmes is gone. Be mighty 'ard to get to 'im, it would. Cost yer extry, that would. An' folks are gettin suspicious wif me 'avin all th' gold lately. Ah'd need sma' change this time, Sor."
Elijah Doolittle [StickyPaws@Meowriority'sPockets]
"Elijah seems to be a nice chap after all!" thought Gregory. "Look at him brushing off that scruffy looking gent. It takes someone with real heart to take care of th' street people. I wonder why Constable Bobby has me followin' him?"
Gregory Gumshoe [StillClueless@what Elijah']
Circe watched impatiently as purrlock carefully pried away wooden slats. She pounced on them as soon as they were discarded and shoved them out of sight and glanced over to where Ramona was drawing attention . . .
Circe D'Punkin [impatiently@Purrlock's/elbow]
Meowriority was furious as his informant Purrsnickity,revealed that in fact Circe was the one who had mis appropriated the least he knew for sure she was under raps at the Barge. Summoning Elijah from his stool, Meowriority demanded to be taken to the barge where he promised to make it extremely unpleasant for Circe......"I know Purrlock has something to do with this, and I will make him pay......snarled Meowriority....
Meowriority []
Elijah saw Meowriority waving to him from across the "My Fair Lady" pub. He didn't look to be in a very good mood, and Elijah wondered if he'd found out about the money he'd lifted from his pockets.

"How're ya doin', chief!" Elijah sauntered over. "Yew wanna go down to th' barge? Both of th' women and Purrlock are still locked up tight as a drum. Come on down and let's do a little interro-gatin' of th' prisoners.

Elijah whistled to Harry the hansom cab driver as they left the pub. "Take us to the landin' on th' river." he ordered.

With Meoriority in such a black mood, it was a very uncomfortable drive. He slouched into his corner of the carriage with a sullen expression. Elijah leapt out of the cab as soon as it stopped, leaving Meowriority to pay the driver.

"Ay, bargeman? Wot is that noise I 'ere?" Elijah pounced up behind the bargeman, who was bent over looking through the bilge drain.

"Ssssoundssss like sssssomeone'ssss goin' into hhheat." spattered the bargeman. "Yesssss, and you can sssssee mucccch better in thisssss hhhhole than you sssshould. Lighhhhter in thhhhhere, it sssseemsssss.

"Lighter?" yowled Elijah. "Hit shouldn' be lighter in th' barge. There's no lamp in there! Wot's goin' on? Wot's 'Olmes up to now?"
Elijah Doolittle [EventsComin'toaHead@th'barge.riv]
"Be careful, Miss D'Punkin" Holmes admonished the hurriedly fleeing lady. "Drat! Too late! She's gone! Come my dear" he said to Ramona, "the sooner we get you out of here the better."

Quickly the two climbed through the hole Holmes had made and found themselves on a deserted dock. "Now where could Miss D'Punkin be?" he whispered to Ramona, glancing around for any sight of their captors, who appeared to be blissfully unaware fo the escape.

Holmes gently but firmly ushered a visibly scared Ramona into the shadows where they could remain out of sight.

"We must get back to 221(b) Bacon Street as soon as possible. Mrs Watkit will take care of you and I must get hold of Watkit. The time has come for us to get to the bottom of this mystery..."
Purrlock Holmes [free@last]
Circe D'Punkin was sitting invisible in the shadows. Her specked body rendering her invisible. She watched as Purrlock and the Divine Ramona got into a hack and sped off toward 221B Bacon St. Slipping around the yellow-gold glow of the gaslight pools, she skittered away in the darkness herself. . .
Circe D'Punkin [sitting in shadows/invisible]
Peering into the empty hold, Meowriority spat and hissed in anger. "Fools! Can't even be trusted to watch the ladies. Where is that bargeman? I want those darn cats found". Meowriority spun around knocking Elijah to the ground. "The HAWKE is MINE" he yowled. "I knew Purrlock would spoil the plans....Let's head for 221 Bacon St. They must be there." With that Purrlock headed for the carriage leaving Elijah to pick himself up and scurry after.
Meowriority []
Holmes and Ramona silently slipped from shadow to shadow, so as not to be detected by Meowriority's spies.

Arriving at 221(b) Bacon Street, Holmes called out: "Mrs Kitson, in here please! There is a young lady I need you to take care of!" and hurried off to call Dr Watkit.

"Land's sales, Mr Holmes sir, where have you been? And just look at the sight of you!! I have been worried sick, I have" said a visibly flushed Mrs Kitson.

"No time for that now, Mrs Kitson. Please take care of the Lady Ramona. I have urgent business to attend to." replied Holmes curtly, "and make sure she is safe. I don't trust Meowriority. He is sure to have something evil in mind" and with that he was out the door heading for Dr Watkit's ....
Purrlock Holmes [headingforsafety@breakneckspeed]
Elijah, hiding again in the purple shadows, watched as Holmes left the house. "I gotta idea." He whispered at length to Meowriority, then removed his hat and knocked on the door, bold as brass.

"Olmes sent me over t' interview th' lady he brought in." he stammered to Mrs. Kitson, twisting his cap in his paws. "E told me t' take special care wif her, that she 'ad been in a bad sit-u-ation. Ahm to watch 'er, and interview 'er, and then gently take 'er home, and guard 'er there."

Mrs. Kitson was unsure at first, but the lad looked so nervous, so earnest, that he finally won her over. " Well, come in, then, but wipe your paws on the mat first."
Elijah Doolittle ['opin't'salvageSompin']
Elijah stepped in and behind him pushed Meworiority who grabbed Mrs Kitson and muffled her cries for help. "Find the Lady Ramona", whispered Meowriority.
Elijah climbed up the stairs heading for Ramona's chamber.
Meowriority [snatchandgrab@22lBacon St.]
"Watkit! Wake up, my man!!" shouted a visibly excited Holmes, rudely shaking Watkit to arouse him from what appeared to be a peaceful sleep.

"What the devil ..." mumbled Dr Watkit. "Holmes! Have you lost your mind? Where the devil have you been, old chap?"

"I'll explain on the way. Just hurry up and get dressed!" Holmes replied curtly, throwing Dr Watkit's clothes on the bed. Feeling in his pocket for his trusty magnifying glass, he was surprised to find it missing. "Drat!" he cursed, "Meet me downstairs in my study in 5 minutes Watkit!". With that command, he turned and left a very perplexed Dr Watkit and rushed off.

"Now why would Mrs Kitson leave the door open after I explicitly told her to take care?" wondered Holmes when he arrived at his apartment. He carefully entered the room so as not to disturb any potential evidence and saw a very, very upset Mrs Kitson lying on the floor, bound and gagged...

"Mrs Kitson!" he exclaimed and rushed to untie her.

"I am so sorry Sir," cried Mrs Kitson, tears streaming down her cheeks, "there was nothing I could do. They were too strong for me and they took the lady Ramona, Sir"

"Never mind about that now, Mrs Kitson! I know who is behind all these goings on. I'll find the Lady Ramona." replied Holmes with enogh sympathy in his voice to let Mrs Kitson feel a bit better. "Ah Ha, there it is" he said picking up the magnifying glass in his pocket and headed for the door again. "Mrs Kitson, now lock yourself in and do NOT open to anyone, except for Watkit or myself! WATKIT!!!!" he called up the stairs and headed outside ......
Purrlock Holmes [doingwhatisneeded@221(b)baconstreet]
Elijah pulled the tightly tied but still struggling body of Ramona out of the carriage. Now that the barge had been breached, he'd had to find a new hiding place. He wasn't telling ANYBODY (even Meowriority) where she was stashed this time. Of course, not having the assistance of his ssssspitting acccccomplicccce was going to make caring for his captive even harder.
Elijah Doolittle [Stashin']
Meowriority stopped under a street lamp to examine the HAWKE. It glistened and sparkled speaking to him of immense wealth....Grinning he stashed it in his vestcoat and grasping his cane scurried away into the night.
Meowriority []
Gregory Gumshoe and Hansom Harry stepped out of the shadows right in front of Meowriority as he passed the precinct main door.

"Now, Hold Up Just a Minute There, Sor!" called Gregory in his not-often-used voice of command. "We'd loike to have a word wif yew if we might."

Meowriority stopped. With the HAWKE in his vestcoat, he dared not run the risk of leading a chase. If he were caught, all would be in vain! Instead, he took in the slightly vacant, bemused visage of the junior detective and figured that there wouldn't be too much danger in stopping to chat with the man.

"Harry 'ere has lodged a complaint at th' station about yew - that yew 'ave stiffed him one too many times out of 'is roightful cab fare." stated Gregory. "We moight have to run yew in if yew cain't make things roight."

"I do apologise." smarmed Meowriority. He reached into a pocket where he always kept some not-counterfeit change for just such situations as this. "I can make amends right now if you ...." the pocket was empty! "I say, I seem to have come out for my stroll this evening without a cent on me. Perhaps if you would allow me to ...."

Gregory slapped pawcuffs on Meowriority and led him away toward the jail.
Gregory Gumshoe and Hansom Harry [Catchin']
Meowriority sat for precisely ten minutes in his jail cell before the scratching on the wall next to him soon led to a sudden gaping hole. A face appeared and spoke.
"Welcome to the Tower Mr. Meowriority.....hehehehehehehe......Brooks at your to check out?" "Thomas Crown sent me to bail you out our way....You have the HAWKE?" Meowriority fingered his jewel and smiling spoke out"TC Cat eh? What took you so long?" He crawled through the hole and into an adjoining cell where a hole in the floor revealed a ladder beckoning him away......
Meowriority []
Meanwhile Holmes and Dr Watkit set off for the tower of London as fast as they could.

"Slow down, Holmes old chap," said a quite breathless Dr Watkit, "What is this all about? Why the hurry?"

"No time for explanations now Watkit. All I can say is that Meowriority has been leading us a merry dance and the answer to this mystery lies with Big Ben." replied Purrlock Holmes, putting on even more speed as the Tower of London came into view. Poor Dr Watkit was hard done by to keep up.

"AH..." said Holmes breathlessly, "Now we will find some answers!" He proceeded up the stairs to where Big Ben was housed only to hear Dr Watkit shouting at him from below:

"Holmes, stop this instant or I will return home. I demand to know what we are looking for."

"Look Watkit," said Holmes impatiently," All this started when Big Ben fell silent. I reckon that as this is where it all started, this is where we start an earnest investigation. Be a good chap and try to keep up. I have a hunch that we will find most of our answers up here." and with that he headed up the stairs again, nearly losing his deerstalker in the process.
Purrlock Holmes [offtobigben@thetoweroflondon]
Elijah roughly tossed the furious Ramona onto a straw pallet in the corner of the tiny room. Going to the stout, oaken door (he wasn't going to make a mistake like that again) he threw in a rather ripe, long-past dead fish, a rough blanket, and last, a mug of scummy water.

"If I untie yew, are yew goin' t' behave loike a lady?" inquired Elijah. "I c'n aolways jest leave yew tied, yew know." Ramona nodded her head, and Elijah untied the bonds. "There naow. Yew know, yew are a pretty one." He panted a bit, inhaling her scent. "Yew don't smell too bad, neither! We moight could work out some kinda deal where I treat yew nice iffen yew treat me nice, yew know."

He left the room, locking the door tightly behind him.
Elijah Doolittle [Lockin']
Circe watched as Purrlock and Watkin raced out of the house, jumped in a carriage and rattled away over the cobblestones. She slipped upto the front door and fiddled with the gaslight over the stoop. A HUGE gemstone slipped into her small black pawickie. Tucking it into a secret pocket on her (somewhat) subdued orange gown she turned and slipped down the alleyway into the shadows . . .
Circe DP [Absentlyscratching@doorway]
Handing TC the HAWKE, Meowriority grinned foolish not unlike a cheshire cat, and watched as TC held the jool up to the light examining it....."Fake"...TC slammed the jool on the table and it shattered into a thousand fragments...........Meowriority paled considerably and offered no excuse other than he had been duped......"You have 24 hours left, Meowrioriy, or ye lose yer right ta breathe fresh London air.....". Meworiority scuttled off into the night.
Meowriority []
Elijah nervously ran a damp paw through his whiskers. In the darkness of the barge, he hadn't noticed how beautiful Ramona was. Now that he'd had her over his shoulder, so to speak, he was quite besotted with her.

He tapped politely on the door. "Missus - are ye decent? Ah 'ave yer supper 'ere." He unlocked the door and brought in a silver tray with a red rose and some tuna from his private stock. "Ah 'ope this meets wif yer approval."

Ramona had her back to him and did not deign to notice him. Elijah was crushed. He slunk out of the room, locking the door behind him with a small sob. He would stay longer and try to win her heart, but he was late for a meeting with Meowriority.
Elijah Doolittle [Courtin'@th']
Nearly breathless after his long haul up the stairwell leading to the tower room, Purrlock Holmes was deep in thought when he ran slap-bang into Elijah.

"Elijah!" he hissed venomously, "Wot are you doing up here and what is that in your hand?"

Elijah, totally out of sorts due to his new found devotion to the beowtiful Ms Ramona, replied in a subdued tone: "Oi'm roight sorry, Oi am, Guv. Oi've been a cad, and Oi knows it! This here be the key to the Tower Room, Guv".

Holmes was somewhat taken aback by this honesty of Elijah's.

"And how does it come to be in your posession?" he asked Elijah.

"Oi've got the Lady Ramona locked up there, Guv" replied Elijah and promptly started howling. "Oi'm sorry Guv, it be Meowriority wot made me do it!"

Startled by this "new" Elijah, but not surpised to hear that Meowriority was behind it all, Holmes said gently, "Now, now my man, we all make mistakes. If you tell me all you know, I will see to it that constable Bobby does not arrest you. Now lead the way so that we may release the Lady Ramona from her prison."

An extremely breathless Dr Watkit had caught up to them by this time and was equally surprised at Elijah's turnabout.

They headed up the stairs to the Tower Room, unlocked the door to find a very distressed Ramona sitting on a bed of dirty straw.

"Mistress Ramona," said Holmes galantly, "Your ideal is over. Elijah here has had a change of heart, and is now not your captor, but you rescuer! Elijah, I am going to throw caution to the wind and trust you to take Miss Ramona home to 221(b) Bacon street."

"Oi can't, Guv" replied Elijah, "As it is Oi'm late fer a meetin wiv Meowriority and he'll have me hide if'n Oi don' show!"

"You just leave Meowriority to me," said Holmes confidently. "Be off with you and get constable Bobby to meet me at Meowriority's hideout. I am going to have a quick look round here first. I have to find out why Big Ben is silent"
Purrlock Holmes [nearlythere@toweroflondon]
Meowriority sat impatiently waiting for Elijah as he sipped his malt brew. Pulling out his watch from his pocket he scowled at the lateness of his co-conspirator.
He looked around to see if he was being observed and turned the watch over. Opening the back he checked to see if Big Ben's small cog essential to the running of the big tick tock was still stashed in the back. He grinned and shut the case returning it to his pocket. He ordered another brew.
Meowriority [coolingmyjets@the]
“Aha, Watkit, old chap. Come and have a look at this!” said an excited Purrlock Holmes peering through his magnifying glass, “Can you see where the cog is missing in the workings of the clock? And by the way, did you know that this is not Big Ben? The clock itself is not called that but this,” he said turning towards the gigantic bell hanging silently behind them and stroking it with reverence, "This is the actual Big Ben!”

“Holmes! That is an interesting snippet. I did not know that” replied Watkit surprised.

“Yes, Watkit, most people make that mistake. Come, we must be off for our confrontation with Meowriority” said Holmes, heading down the hundreds of stairs again.

“ Oh No!” groaned Dr Watkit, who had not quite recovered his breath from the climb up.

Purrlock Holmes and his trusty friend Dr Watkit made for the pub as fast as they could, Holmes fervently hoping that the trust he had put in Elijah would pay off.

The streets of London were dark and deserted at that time of night with just an odd dog barking and the street lamps sputtering. As the two sleuths came around the last corner before reaching the pub, Holmes noticed that one of the street lamps was dead and in the same instance saw a figure slinking into the shadows. He did not see who it was, but could identify that it was a lady by the form of her skirt.

He also saw a man standing outside the rowdy pub, looking about nervously.

“Constable Bobby” said Holmes softly, causing the poor policeman to jump about a foot into the air.

“Honestly, Sir, you scared the living daylights out of me! This is not the type of place I care to be seen in.” was the constable’s terse reply.

“Don’t fret now, young man. All will be revealed soon and then you can go back to your warm, safe bed” soothed Holmes moving towards the door of the tavern.

He opened the door, noting that nobody even looked up, adjusted his eyes to see through the haze and spied Meowriority and Elijah sitting in a back corner, with Meowriority visibly angry at a cowering Elijah. Without further ado, he marched straight up to Meowriority (much to the relief of Elijah and closely followed by Dr Watkit and Constable Bobby) and said: “Enough, Meowriority! Now we have you, you scoundrel! Your days are not numbered any more, they are up!!”
Purrlock Holmes []
"Sorry governor, but fer sure you have the wrong gent. Tell 'em Elijah.....tell them my name isn't Meowriority." Meowriority sat back expecting Elijah to back up the lie fermenting out of his meowith.....
Elijah had other ideas and standing up from the chair, flipped one of the bogus coins he,Elijah had been paid with by Meowriority. "Sorry Gov.....but yer days of swidlin honest gents be over...." With that he walked out of the pub leaving Meowriority to fend for himself with Constable Bobby and the GREAT PURRLOCK HOLMES.
Meowriority []

As Elijah headed out the door, Holmes turned to a shaken Meowriority and said:
“ There you have it. Constable Bobby, arrest this scallywag immediately!”

“On what grounds, Guv?” asked Constable Bobby.

“You name it, he’s done it! Theft, Malicious damage to government property, kitnapping...the list is endless. And you Meowriority," he said, in total disregard to the crowd that had gathered around them, “You had better start talking! I have had enough of your shenanigans to last me a lifetime! Clap the cuffs on him Constable.”

As Constable Bobby, still a bit perplexed complied with Holmes’ request, a voice sounded from the door. “And where do you think you are off to miss? Not a soul leaves this building ‘till Mr Holmes says so!” Dr Watkit was standing in the doorway, holding a very surprised Miss Circe by the shoulders.

“Eeow!” she cried, clasping her paws to her chest.

“Ah Ha. Miss D’Punkin, so good to see you again. To what do we owe this honour?
Watkit, unhand the lady immediately!” said Purrlock Holmes, always the gentleman.

As Dr Watkit let go of her, she shook herself as if to be rid of him and there was the sound of something falling to the floor.

“Eeow” she gasped, for she knew what she was hiding in her paws.

“NOOOOO!” shouted Meowriority and tried to make a grab for the fallen object but both the constable and Purrlock Holmes were too quick for him. The constable grabbed Meowriority firmly behind the neck and Holmes scooped up the fallen object. He stared down at it in awe and wonder.

In his hands he held the priceless Hawke Diamond...
Purrlock Holmes [solutiontothemysteryisclose@hand]
Circe saw with Dismay the Sparkling gemstone in Purrlock's hand. Straighting her shoulders defiantly,(somewhat miffed that she'd failed to take Watkit into her calculations) she exclaimed, "That Diamond belongs to EMPRESS RAMONA!!!"
Circe D' Punkin [AlmostDone@Last]
“And so it does, my dear, and so it does!” said Purrlock Holmes gently to Miss D’Punkin, “but how did it come to be in your possession and why were you bringing it to Meowriority? Methinks that you should arrest this young lady too, Constable. She does appear to be Meowriority’s accomplice, after all”.

“Steady there, Holmes”, said a perplexed Dr Watkit, “how do you know that?”

“Elementary my dear Watkit!” replied Holmes. “She would not be here with the diamond on her purrson if she were not. Well, I for one am exhausted and in dire need of some rest. Coming Watkit? Said Holmes and turned to leave the pub and head off home to 221(b) Bacon Street.
Purrlock Holmes []
A dejected Meworiority cast a knowing glance at Circe as they were both led away to the paddy wagon. He could not however resist the urge to curse Purrlock as he walked away....."You think you've seen the last of Meowriority don't you Mr. Purrlock HOlmes......This letter I received this morning from the Red Pointed League may cause you more trouble than you know..." But then that's for another story eh?"
Meowriority []
"We are home, Mrs Kitson!" Holmes shouted up the stairs towards his landlady's apartment. "Come in, Old Chap" he said to WAtkit as he kicked of his shoes, hung up his deerstalker and cape, and sat down in his comfortable chair. Be a good chap and pour us each a drintle of gin. We sure derserve it!"

"Oh, Sir, thank goodness you are safe!" said Mrs Kitson.

"But of course, Ma'm" laughed Purrlock Holmes at his long suffering landlady, "and the delightful Lady Ramona. Come in my dear and sit down."

"Now Holmes", said an impatient Dr Watkit, "Pray do reveal all!"

"Well, my good and trusted friend, since we are all here let me start with the ladies" replied Holmes.

"Dear Mrs Kitson" played by Mishka (meowmy - LindaV)
"Empress Ramona" played by ........ "Lady Ramona, please reveal your true identity"
requested Purrlock Holmes gently, casting an eye around, catching all the other players all coming into view about to reveal themselves.....
Purrlock Holmes [home@last]
Shoeshine selling flowers : Gini
Shoeshine []
Jimmy Olsen Cub Report at the Daily PLanet: Gini
jimmyolsen []
Purrlock Holmes sat back into his easy chair by the fire, put his slippered feet up onto the footstool and lit his pipe, smiling smugly to himself. All was going according to plan. Slowly but surely all were revealing their true identities.....
Purrlock Holmes [relaxing@thefireside]
Elijah Doolittle: Confetti Chan (with help typing from JaneJ)
Elijah Doolittle [']
Gregory Gumshoe: (Uh, we're supposed to introduce wot?)
Unknown Bargeman: (Issssss Nicccce to Sssssssee you!)
Hansom Harry: (At least it paid well...)
Created at need by Erin Leprechaun (helped with typing by JaneJ)
Nefarious Characters [NervousIntroductions@Purrlock'sRequest]
Circe D'Punkin used her clever pawickies to undo the locks about her wrists and slipped out of the paddy wagon slyly as ever. (Thankyou Meowmy Taleena!)
Circe D'Punkin [UptoNoGood@Miffed@Purrlock]
Meowriority removes his mask to reveal *gasp* *cough*Cough* HIMSELF MOST OF ALL
Meowriority []
Meowriority removes his mask to reveal *gasp* *cough*Cough* HIMSELF MOST OF ALL ....Sir Coughing Gus Purrsian Scur
SirCGus []
"And of course, you my dear Watkit, were played by Sulu with typing done by LindaV." said Purrlock Holmes grinning at his good friend. He turned his head to the beautiful Lady Ramona and said: "And now my dear, your turn....."
Purrlock Holmes [takingabreak@221(b)baconstreet]
"My dear Miss Ramona, no need to be so bashful. Ah well, it is a lady's prerogative to be mysterious.

So the time has come for me to reveal myself!"

Purrlock Holmes, played by Solomon Seal, by courtesy of his Meowmy, Linda
Purrlock Holmes [andsowesaygoodbye@221(b)baconstreet]

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