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It was a very hot afternoon. Ramona and SongTi lay on the linoleum floor discussing lovely winter days when they would sit on their meowmie's electric blanket in a pool of sunshine. Days when they had enough energy to chase their tails or any insect that dared enter their domain.
"SongTi dear, have you ever heard of snow?" said Ramona, "It is the coldest and most beautiful thing! As soft and white as your lilac fur!"
They talked long into the night and came up with a plan. They sent an email to Capitan Hawke which read...

Dearest Capitan,
We have heard some horrible news!! No cat has EVER been to the North Pole! There might be some alley cats going to launch an expedition. But MEEZERS MUST BE FIRST! After all, the Prime Directive calls for World Meezer Domination! Can you please prepare the Kittitas for a trip north? Way way north!!
Your Loving Empress and Number One Wife,

Word had leaked out like an oil spill through the underground and alley expedition to the North Pole by meezers to prove self respecting alley cat could resist that challenge and Dillon was no exception...he sent word out to all non pointies to come and attend the first planning session.....the back alley behind the Three Kittens Saloon. Any self respecting DSH and DLH knew no meezer could make that claim to fame when in fact,The Domestics ruled the known cat world.

The Duchess sat in her window, surrounded by the young ones - Hut and Lily, being more used to her moods that Sid and Daks thought it might be a good idea to leave the Duchess alone for awhile.

Having read the note that Rameowna sent to the Capitan (being copied, since the Capitan is currently on his way to Austin), a plan began to form in the Duchess' head....

Maybe, just maybe, the Capitan could capture that horrid little gray tabby and kick his tabby butt all the way to the North Pole, then add his gray tabby tail to the Kittitas' tail collection!

Thinking this was a wonderful plan, the Duchess slid down off the window, and grinning, went in search of the kittens. The Duchess wanted everyone in the house to be on good behavior for her Capitan...after all, weren't those masts peeking over the horizan of Lake Travis? Her Capitan nears!

*The afternoon sun waned to a strange greenish orange as the HMZ (His Majesty Zhukov's) Kittitas settled at anchorage near Matagorda Island. Capitan Dread Pirate KittyHawke lifted the golden eel spyglass to his deep blue eye, and watched as the Twisters kicked up clouds of red dust as they skittered across the great flat plain. Galveston might only be a memory by meoworning! "Mr.Ching! Lower ther Longboats, Sir!"
"Aye , aye Captain!" said Mr.Ching. *ch'ching!!* (the cheery sound of a cash register followed that one eyed meezer around, and it gave the pirate crew a great sense of well being).
Three great longboats were lowered over the side of the HMZKittitas, and meezers of all point colors jumped from the rigging to the boats wiv knifickies in thier teefs. Golden earrings jingled, and blue and green meezer eyes watched the sky as the clouds moved in an ominous circular swirl...sometimes called a Purlicue in the French Quarter of New Orleans...

"Captain Ahoy there! Argh and wait up Sir! A meowessage jest came in on our new fangled dot-ditty-dot machine!" Moosey slid down the mainsel an' tossed a rootbeer bottle to the PTB in the stern of the Capt's boat.
It was Chelli. He caught it and read aloud "OH DEAW Captain of My Heawt, We be wanting to saiw to the Nowth Powe an we needs fur to haf yews cawwy us dare in yew ship...Dis be fwom WAMONA Captain!"

Wiv a snarl and a "pfffft" the Captain snagg ther note wiv a clawickie, an' read fur hesef what he First Wifickie an' Adventurous Poetess be asking.
"Avasht me hearties an Twue Bwue , blast it all, True Blue Crew, (he was sincerely glad Kuniyoshi wasn't here to try that one), The Duchess Alison of Yowl, deliCATe Creampuff of Delight and Rapture, MUST BE AVENGED! But wemeow must hurry! Adventure awaits us at the North Pole! Gumdrops and Treasure, Plunder and Crystal Caves, Secrets of the Fwozen...FRozen TundRa, BearClaws and Jellyfish Salads Fur all!"

*Swords were drawn all over the ship*
"Shall we sail fur the Yukon and Bemeowond?" the Capt. called.
"Aye Captain! Fur the Duchess, and Fur Ramona, and Fur Treasure!!!" howled his crew.
"MEEZERDOMEOWINATION!!!!" The Captian screamed.
The Crew went wild...and they were the wildest crew of blue bloods you'd ever have to face...
Not being afraid of water, the meezers poured over the ship, in a streaming band of silk and swash, buckle and cutlass, gold and joools winking from slender legs and tails. The Kittitas listed to Starboard as they hastened to abandon her for the longboats.
Up the Colorado River toward Austin they rowed, howling meezer yowls, colored pennants streaming in the putty colored sky.
The Round Rock Greys heard them coming....*
The determined band of DSH and DLH swearmed to their little putt putts and thirty little speedboats roared up the Colorado not too far behind the Kittitas.....they were a determined bunch....Dillon looked around in satisfaction...there was alot of talent in these little speedsters....meezers would never take away what years of hard work had accomplished.....the world was looking good.....

The Duchess, surrounded by the kits, (Hut, Lily, Sid, and Daks), listened intently for the sound of motorboats roaring up the Colorado to Lake Travis…..yes, there they are! The Duchess was sure that her Capitan and his crew would find the fleet of Suburbans (Texas state vehicle) parked at the dock for their use in the quest to come to Round Rock and avenge her honor.

Hut and Sid, being boys, were jumping up and down all excited over the prospect of entertaining the Capitan in their very own home. Lily and Daks were busily tracking how long they thought it would take the catravan to arrive. The Duchess sat in her window, dreaming of her Capitan and gray tabby tails hanging from the mast of the Kittitas.

Suddenly her ears perked up, the Duchess stood and stretched – back and forth, back and forth, and her tailicky went straight up into the air…up the street came a stirringly beautiful silver Suburban, followed by a ones of blue and white – full of meezers, the Capitan at the wheel of the lead truck…..WE WILL BE AVENGED thought the Duchess!

The Duchess opened her house to her Capitan and crew, leading them to the patio for a cold brew and some chips and salsa….

Ramona and SongTi were spending all their waking hours planning for the North Pole trip. They made long lists of things they would need to collect for the expedition.....

Ramona reviewed SongTi's list. "My dear," she said to SongTi, "I don't think you have grasped the nature of this trip. We cannot take electric blankets and can openers.

"Well why NOT, Ramona?!!"
"Ahem, my calculations, you would need 404,356 extension cords just to reach base camp."


"Yes, SongTi. I think the most important thing we need is dog sleds. We can start building our dog team with with Lucy, Fred and Ethyl. I'll send out an email to our friends to see what other dogs we can round up....."

*Meanwhile, back on Whidbey Island, Captain Rhett Butler , Siameezerus Caninus Weinerus, was reading Hawke's mail. He had had a crush on Ramona ever since La Countess' masked ball in New Orleans last year. He began packing all his sweaters....

"Katie Dew! Pack all the hot water bottles you can find!" he shouted to his long haired dachsie wife. Katie-did.
Capitan Hawke and his crew were loungin' round an' sufferin' in the hot Texas sunshine, with salsa turnin' thier meezer lips on fire. Daks opened a bottle of Sassparilla, and licked the foam off daintily , winking at Chelli.
At last, the Capitan heaved his bodickie out of the hammock, and crunched down one last grasshopper crunchie snack before yowling,
"Shiver an' Shake ye scurvy snake, yer stripes begin to pale,
We quaff down rootbeer, munched on chips, but now tis time to wail!"
Pirates all knew this to be code for "Cut the snackin' lets get smakin' some tabby tail"...
the Round Rock Greys musta been hidin' in the neighbor's flowerbeds, for no sooner were cutlasses drawn, than here they came, over the wall. They had biker jackets and biker chains, crooked whiskers, and yellow eyes. A flea jumped off of one, and landed on Lily the Lovely's dainty ear. With a flick of Marlin, the Capitan lay that flea to rest, and Lily never even felt the breeze....

A grizzled fellow with only ribbons where one ear should be snarled out "Who're Y'all, ah saye. Whut fur ya'll doin in deese heyar pahts?"
*he was swingin some kinda mallet round in the air*
Capitan Hawke's nails dug into the red clay, but he ignored the yuckie feel of it and said, "Wemeow be ther Paw Of Zeke, of Memory Ever Glorious!!! Yews soiled the Honor of A Meezer Queen, Prepare To Die!"

The air fairly crackled with static...every strand of fur was on end...Duchess sat and smoothed her chestickie fur with delight at being once again, the Center Of Attention. Lily and Daks' eyes gleamed with admiration and envy. Duchess purred. All of Meezerdom was at her feet, and filled with Love and Devotion. She felt Much Better Already.

Grizzle MacGrey, leader of the band of tabbies, looked at the fiercesome countenance of the Meezer Pirate Crew. He was bigger than they were. He was heavier than they were. He was Street-wise.
But as he looked into 220 sets of slanted blue and green eyes, he had a Bad Feeling that he wasn't as Smart as he previously thought he might be. The morning chickadee turned in his stomach. Without further ado, he turned and unbuttoned his tail, and laid it at Duchess' dainty brown feet...*

The Duchess, with a sneer, picked up the tail of Grizzle MacGrey, at the same time demanding the tail of Jeremy, the impudent tabby of gray purrsuasion. Grizzle MacGrey turned and called to Jeremy to come front and center and relinquish his tail to the most beautiful Duchess of Yowl. When Jeremy came forth, the Duchess lived up to her name, emitting such a piercing yowl that even the Capitan had to cover his ears. Hut, knowing the Duchess, decided it might be best to hold her back, so enlisted the help of the Capitan and Chelli to keep the Duchess from doing further damage to Jeremy's plain tabby butt.

Jeremy, frozen to the spot in fear, unbuttoned HIS tabby tail, laid it at the Duchess' feet, and fled, vowing never to mess with meezers again.

At this Point, the Duchess deemed that her honor had been restored, and the Grizzle MacGrey could leave with his pack of tabbies, on the condition they not mess with meezerdom ever again.

The Duchess turned to the kits and her Capitan and said......"Now, we can go out to the garage and get all kinds of tents, lanterns, fold up chairs, picynicky stuff for the North Pole...isn't that where we're headed now?"

And with that, the Duchess, the kits, the Capitan and his crew, cleaned out the garage of all camping gear, drove off in the Suburbans, unloaded everything onto the Kittitas, and with a mighty meezer yowl(in unison) ...the Kittitas sailed back up the Colorado to rendevous with Rameowna and her dog sleds. Somewhere along the way, the Duchess noticed that Bo, the next door Lab had joined the rear Suburban and was now part of the North Pole Meezer Expedition. Good, she thought, he'll be a good sled puller as overweight as he is!

As the moon set over the Colorado, the Duchess and her Capitan retired to his cabin on the Kittitas, after one last look at the masts with the orange and matching gray tabby tails flying high!

The ice was finally breaking up in the harbor of Port Boris, named after a famous Russian sea captain. Orangello had spent months training his sled dogs, giant huskies. Orangello hated them so he refused to give them proper name, just calling them Dog One, Dog Two and so forth. He called his alley cat gang together and proclaimed....

"Listen up ye mangy curs!! We is bound fur the North Pole so we's can befoul that horrid World Meezer Domination!!!!!!!!! Half you boys go set the forest ablaze so we can catch some critters for our stores. You others toss some dynamite in the harbor and raise up some salmon! HAR HAR!! We sail on the morning tide!"
Here I sit, Crime Dog McGruff, watching this unbelievably ugly orange cat with no tail browbeat a whole pack of sled dogs. Hey now, what's going on here? Where is that mangy cur going with that pine torch? He looks to be headed toward the forest, with ill intent. I guess I'm going to have to put a stop to this right now.

With a mighty whistle, Crime Dog McGruff called all his cronies to his side. Together they went and intercepted the mangy curs that were headed to the forest with their pine torches. The currs willingly dropped their torches and swore themselves to the side of the law and the downfall of the ugly orange one.

The other half of the dog sled team saw that their friends had been taken by Crime Dog McGruff, and forsaking Orangello and his plan for the North Pole, ran to meet their pals and join Crime Dog McGruff.

The last they saw of Orangello, he was muttering ugly things to himself and swearing he would get to the North Pole by himself.
Crime Dog McGruff []
In the meantime Dara and Purrecious had heard of this expedition to the North Pole and were obliged to go." Well since our wonderful Captain is going to the North Pole I think he needs some dogs and meowmy wouldn't mind if we took her 7 dogs if it meant Meezer domination." So dogs in lead they packed up their tent and supplies and headed to see their Capt. They got there and everyone was eating salsa and chips.(apparently a victory snack) "Captain we is here to inlist in your expedition." Well then me sees you brought some dogs to use as slave sled pullers."Alright everyone we set sail in two weeks." We sail as far as we can and then go on land with the dogsleds." Now lets get some sleep.
Dara and Purrecious []
With only the galley cats left to crew his ship, Orangello set sail. He headed for the Bering Straight, then took a sharp right turn and proceeded slowly north through the ice pack. The Artic is not a barren place. Many whales and polar bears were sighted.

On the third night of the voyage, Orangello saw a most fearsome beast floating on an island of ice under the full moon. Passing close by, he could see it was a Man!! Orangello hauled him aboard, thinking this human bean just might have some Fancy Feast. The man did not. But he told Orangello the most horrible tale of his Monsterous Creation at the hands of a Dr. Furrankenstein!

Soon Orangello and the Monster were fast friends and the Monster agreed to be put back on the ice and waylay meezers if they came along....
Orangello [northbound@eville.ways]
Siam Sam heard the call for the North pole Expedition and ran to the garage for the tent and sleeping bags. He didn't forget his tartan blankie, either!
His friends at the Malamute Rescue League (run by a friend of his meowmy) were all eager to go, but first he would have to break then out of their pens.
Chandy wanted to come, and pouted prettily when she was told that until her hip healed fully there would be no sled pulling for her!
COMA Boots sniffed and supposed Sam would get frost bite and come back needing nursing...
Sammy and his malamute pals headed off to the north, heading for Algonquin Park and then further north, hoping to meet up with Captain Hawke and the rest of the expedition. The Malamutes were in heaven, they loved to run and to pull. Sammy had 'liberated' the summer sled, the one with the bicycle wheels. Too bad he forgot that Malamutes also like to eat... and for that matter, so does he.....
Siam Sam []
Sawyer was really anxious to set of on this North Pole adventure but his bean
Meowmy advised him to wait until he received word from his comrades Grizzly,
Griffin, and the recovering Chelli. it just wouldn't be the same without his
pals by his side. Sitting and pondering on what to do he sat in the middle of
the floor and commenced to howl at the top of his lungs (which is no easy feat,
when the best you can do is a "squeak") hoping somehow his meezer buddies
would hear his call and join him on a great adventure in the Frozen North.
SawyerB [Needshisbuddies@hisside]
Grizzly & Griffin went running to theys Meowmy. "Our buddy Sawyer is waitin fur us" yelled Griffin. "We gotta go to da North Pole " screamed Grizzly.
"We hears him howlin!!!" they both yowled.
Theys Meowmy , knowing there would be no peace till they went, went to pack their backpacks...lets see, you need warm sweaters, and earmuffs, and hats...
"NO NO Meowmy" said the baoys. "pwease don't make us look like sissies! We is big boys now and don't need that stuff..."
"now I'm sure Sawyers Meowmy is packing a bag of warm clothes for him too" said they Meowmy. "I'll just check with her...."
Grizzly & Griffin [webereadytago&chompin@thebit]
The tiny Red Baron, Sidney Pawtier, led his small troop of ambushing kits up on the ice and behind a floe in hopes of catching Orangello unawares. With a ration of dog chow, they left a tasty trail for the Orangello canine unit that lead straight to a hole in the ice.

One by one, the kits watched as all the dogs in Orangello's command came running down the ice, collecting bits of dog chow along the way. Being an unruly bunch, they got to moving too fast, and slipping and sliding, followed each other into the freezing ocean, never to be seen again.

Orangello, in the meantime was smacking his ugly little lips in anticipation of hoodwinking some meezers. Imagine his surprise when the Red Baron's tiny army came upon him and demanded his surrender! Orangello wanted to laugh, but thought better of it once he saw the gleam in the kits' eyes and the backup army led by none other than the Capitan gaining ground in the distance.

Suddenly, a mighty screech rent the air - could that possibly have been the Duchess spotting the Imposter and letting Hawke know that vengence was at hand?.....
The Red Baron, Sidney Pawtier []
A sudden light came into Sawyer's eyes as he realized his mates had heard and
heeded his cry to join up. " Now iffin I can only gets Chelli to come along, the gang
will be comlete." he thought sending out a message to his Impster in Arms.
Suddenly he felt a sharp pull o
on his tail and whipped around to find his new baby brudder Tarran tuggin on
his tail "Can I's go to, pulease big brudder, I can be awot of help." the little
tyke pleaded.
Chin in paw, Sawyer thought about this for a minute, "hmmmmm....maybe, if I can
convince one of the meezettes to come along as sort of kinda wike a chaperone.
I will haf to get Copper to pull da sled, Tarran can't walk dat far, and maybe
Owivia and Ali would like to join us>"
Excited at the prospects Sawyer ran around with Tarran tumbling at his heels
gathering up warm coats and boots for the trak to the frozen tundra.....
SawyerB [Tarran did that!!!!]
“Meowmy, Meowmy, I can heaw Sawyew cwying out to me! PWEASE can I go the Nowf Powe wif him and Tawwan and Gwizzwy and Gwiffin???? I’s awmost aww bettew and I’wws be good”
he pleads, pawickies crossed behind his back, but his Wedgwood blues the picture of innocence.
“Hmmm,” murmurs the Meowmy, “as long as you take jumpers, and anoraks and thermal underwear …. and a hot water bottle! You only had surgery a week ago and you have got to keep warm. Do you understand young man? And you’re to take this phone-away card with you so you can call me if you don’t feel well and need to come home”.
“OK I wiww”, says Chelli, but vowing to leave them in his backpack for the entire trip …… no one was going to call him a GIRL!!!!! And he was big enough not to need to call home … what did Meowmy think he was … a baby? Just coz he slept curled up next to her every night … that was so HE could protect HER!!!!!

He ran to the phone to ring his buddy Sawyer and give him the good news …… tripping over the cord in his excitement! “Hang on mate …. I’s on de way!”
Chelli [recovered@lastandonhisway!]
Moosey grabbed hold of Grizzly & Griffin byt the tails just as they were running out the door. "Hold on there boys", he said. "Aren't you two forgetting something??"
"no we gots our sweaters an mittens an hats, Uncle Moosey" said Griffin. "That be all we needs!"
"Well, almost all boys" grinned Moose. "Me and yur Uncle Fritz are coming along boys are still pretty young to be off all on your own!"
Grizzly & Griffin just looked at each other and rolled theys eyes. "Well, I guess we better make the best of it" whispered Grizzly to his brudder..."maybe we can lose them like we did last time".......
Moosey [hangonthere@justasecond]
Hitching his trusty canine friend up to the dog sled SAwyer and Tarran prepared
to depart to rendevous with his bestest pals for what could becomw the greatest
adventure of their lives. "Fritz, looking rather dapper in his new red parka,
loaded the sled with all there supplies. Can't forget the tuna, shrimp, and of
course chicken necks. "Hmmmmm," Fritz pondered. "I wonder if my Lady Karina
would consent to joining this ependition to keep an eye on the little one?"
"Let's Goooooo! Fritz." Sawyer wailed, "Effurryone is waitin on us." Tarran with
his eyes as big as saucers and his whole body atremble with excitement about his
firt big adventure was all snuggled among the blankets and provisions on the
"OK boys, we're off!" Fritz shouted as Copper pulled the sled out, "First stop,
Grizzly and Griffins house."
Sawyer & Tarran [We'reOff@NewAdventures...]
"Meowmy whewe's de swed? Dey was gonna pick me up and I's stiww waiting fow dem! How's I gonna get dewe if'n dey fowget meow?"
"Chelli the North Pole is in the other direction ... you will have to catch a plane to Aunty Barb's house and then get the sled, you silly duffer!" the Meowmy laughed. Chelli had been so excited he had forgotten which way was up .... and from Australia the North Pole is a LONG way up! He quickly picked up up his backpack, cuddled his Meowmy and licked Trushka good-bye as he jumped into a taxi to the airport! He just managed to catch the plane and was soon settled in his seat dreaming of snow and Santa Claus as the Qantas jet sped towards the USA.
"Wait for me fewwas .... I's be dewe soon!"
Chelli [impatient@home]
Poor little Tarran was so excited about his first big adventure with his big
brothers he kept rolling out of the dog sled. Now Fritz is pretty patient with
young'uns after all he put up with with Sawyer but after the 13th time of
picking the little rapscallion up and depositing him back in the sled he was
just about at the end of his rope when thankfully Auntie Barb's house came into
view! Grizzly and Griffin came running pell mell down the driveway yowling at
the top of there lungs (after all they hadn't seen each other since the desert
story) "Gwizzly!!!! Gwiffin!!!" Sawyer squeaked doing a meezer dance of joy as
the three best pals collapsed into a giggling pile of fur. Tarran, a little
frightened by all the commotion shrank back among the furs piled on the shed
until nothing but his little sealie ears poked out. "Come on outta dere silly,"
Sawyer called to him diving under the furs to pull him out, "I wants you to meet
my new baby brudder Tarran.....Tarran these here boys are two of de bestest
fwiends a meezer could have. Tarran looked up with amazment in his baby blue
eyes at the 2 meezers whom he had heard so much about. "Wow!" he whispered, "I
am in the prescence of the SawyerB Gang..."
"Well, not quite there young man." Moose announced lifting the tyke high in the
air making him squeal. "Next stop, The Land Down Under, where we pick up The
Chellster, the 4th member of this notorious gang."
"Yippee Skippeee" The boys shouted in Unison. "Hang on Chelli, Here we Come!!!"
SawyerB, Tarran, & Fritz [Onourway@Rendevouspoint]
Grizzly & Griffin hopped onto the sled next to their buddy Sawyer and little Tarran. Moose and Fritz were hooking Robbie up to the sled next to would take more than one Dawg to pull all that weight... Sawyer and Grizzly and Griffin were all a lot bigger than they were in the last adventure!
"ok boys, all set?" asked Moose as he and Fritz climbed into the sled. "We're off to pick up Chelli!"
The little pussums could hardly sit still...they hadnt seen Chelli in a while...and then .....the NORTH POLE!!!!!
Grizzly & Griffin & Uncle Moosey [letsgetgoin@quick]
That HORRID Red Baron! He had dunked Orangello's sled dogs into the Arctic Sea! But Orangello blew on his old conch shell and summoned Furrankenstein's Monster to pluck out the poor doggies. That done, The monster and Orangello focused their eville eyes on the Red Baron, aka Sidney Pawtier. In one leap they were upon him!!

Orangello growled, "Blast yer bones, Red Baron! You got me doggies wet, so ye shall lick them dry! Or else I'll slice you up and feed you to my mongrel pack!"

So, hour after hour, Red Baron licked the dogs until his tongue was red and nearly all his tongue prickes had worn smooth! The taste was beyond description!

Then they tied the exausted meezer to their sled and mushed away, northward bound....
Orangello [kittynapping@arctic.cold]
Just as Copper and Robbie were about to pull out on their adventure, a loud
beeping was heard coming from within the folds of Fritz's new red parka. "Sorry"
he said a little sheepishly, "Karina insisted she be able to contact me night
or day." He pulled the cellphone from his pocket and after listening to the
voice on the other end grinned, "Great news boys, that was the Chellster, his
meowmy put him on a Quantas, he should be landing as we speak."
"Wow, Chelli got to fly on a real wife airpwane!" Sawyer announced amazed. "No
big deal." Tarran piped in, "I fwew on one when my foster meowmy brought me
here." This annoucement raised little Tarran's status a notch or two in the eyes
of the SawyerB Gang, suddenly he didn't seem like such a "little" guy anymore!
"Well boys I'm thinking we've dawdled enough." Moose said taking up the leads to
the sled, "What do you say we get to the airport, get Chelli, and finally join
the others on this journey??"
SawyerB [Oldfriends@togetheragain!!]
"Dis aiwpowt is weaw BIG!" says Chelli as he walks around looking for his friends. They were people rushing everywhere, running to catch their flights, and others hugging and embracing as their loved ones appeared in the gate lounges.
"No one is hewe to meet me" he sighed, as he watched a happy family hugging and laughing together.
All of a sudden he heard a squeal that could ONLY belong to Sawyer and four sealy paws reaching out and knocking him to the ground as his friend exuberantly tumbled with him. "Sawyew buddy!!!!!!! Hewwo! Boy it is good to see you" Then Grizzly and Griffin started rolling on the floor with them too and if it hadn't been for Moose stepping in to bring some order to the gathering they would have been run over by a lady with her luggage trolley! "Boys, plenty of time for these shenanigans later" said Moosey in his best pretend-gruff voice, coz he couldn't REALLY get angry with these young fellas. Just then Chelli saw a little tiny kitten sitting there with saucer eyes, just watching them all but not moving closer. Chelli went over and stretched out a chocolate paw in greeting.
"G'day mate. You must be Tawwan. Pweased to meet you. I weckon we's gonna be faiw dinkum cobbews by the end of this hewe twip".
Little Tarran's eyes grew larger in his head (if that was possible!) "Sawyew", he whispered, "is dis weawwy truwy Cwocodiwe Chewwi?"
Chelli []
"Tawwan" Sawyer announced proudly, "Dis here be about one of the best mates
me and Gwizz and Gwiff haf in da whole wide wurld."
"Golly" Tarran mewed in a voice filled with awe, "I hears you knows about bof
sides of wife, Sawyew talks bout you all da time."
Putting a chocolate arm around Sawyer's Chelli beamed at the obvious hero
worship. "Wif my big brudders, and Gwizzly and Gwiffin and Chewwi awong, dere is
no way anyone can beat us to da Norf Pole."
Suddenly Fritz's cell phone began buzzing again "Sorry guys," Fritz apologized
rolling his eyes. "Uh-huh, you don't say,....why that's terrible. of course,
we are on our way."
"Boys, the Red Baron is in trouble and needs our help!" Fritz growled taking
offense at the abduction of the tyke. "Tarran in the sled, Sawyer, Grizzly,
Griffin, Chelli, double time, we have no time to lose!"
SawyerB []
Daks kept looking and looking for her little brother The Red Baron. What could have happened to him? Uncle Hut, Sid is missing, wot to do? The last we heard, Sid was going to ambush Orangello's dogs, but he never came back! Look down there at the ice - what is going on? It looks like that ugly ole cat is tying something to his sled. How come all those dogs are still there? Uh-oh.....I think something's gone wrong. Hut, you must go get the Capitan and then go rescue Sid. I think he's in some big trouble, and that he may be what that Orangello is tying to his sled....look they're leaving! Do something!
The Little Alien []

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