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And so the tale begins.... Purr_of_Life.
StoryMeezer []
This isn't really a story. It's one verse of a song to be sung to the tune of
"Walk of Life" by Dire Straights. It is in honor of my rescue meezer, Suki. It
might be fun if others would be so inclined to make up new verses about their
own meezers. I hope this isn't a copyright violation...

Purr of Life

Here comes Suki out of Austin, Texas
Goin' to Virginia and she's gonna stay.
Here comes Suki playin' with her I.C.A.T.S
out in the kitchen, goin' to make her day!
She's got the answers, she's got the motions.
Oh, the girl can play!
Dedication, devotion;
Turnin' all the dark times into the day.
And when she's finished with the hissin' and the spittin',
and when she's done with the trouble and the strife,
She does the purrrrrrr.
She does the purr of life, she does the purr of life.
Larry Himes []

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