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And so the tale begins.... Quest_for_Meezalot.
StoryMeezer []
Ania looked up from her work at the sink. Outside of the dirty little window she could hear all of the little meezer knights in training working on their swordmanship. "Get back to work you" yelled the kitchen warden. Sighing Ania rubbed her chocolate brown points on her apron and went on with drying the dishes. "If only I could become a Meezer Knight, but I'm an orphan and a girl to boot. I'll probably never get out of this kitchen.
Ania [daydreamin@the]
Purrincess Kemi woke from a restless sleep. She rubbed her blues eyes with littow blue pawickies and got out of bed. Pulling a shawl around her shoulders, for the early mornings were always cold in the castle, she walked over to the window. Looking down, she saw all the little Meezer Knight apprentices hard at work, practising with their swords.

She sighed wistfully, "Oh, if only I could join them! Life as a purrincess is so boring. I don't even have any friends. Purrincesses are not allowed to mix with regular kitten pussums! How I long for adventure! Even a scullery maid must have a more exciting life that this!"
Purrincess Kemi []
"Ania, get up!" said Rachel, another of the kitchen kits in her ear. "You've overslept again."
"Yow," said Ania, "not again. I shouldn't have stayed up to hear the tales in the great hall last night, but they were so facinating. All about the Mezzer knights and their great quests."
"One of these days you're going to get in big trouble sneaking into the Hall like that, but right now you're in even bigger trouble with the kitchen mistress," stated Rachel.
Ania quickly got up and ran out the door only to run smack into the kitchen mistress!
"You again!" she yelled, "I should have known. Your a trouble maker with all your dreaming and strange ideas. Must come from being an orphan. Well I need someone to take the Purrincess's breakfast tray. Get up there and be smart about it. The Purrincess won't like it if her breakfast is late.
So Ania grabbed the tray and carried it up the long flight of stairs to the Purrincess's chambers. She knocked on the door and said "Breakfast you Highness."
"Come in,"said Purrincess Kemi.
Just as Ania had walked in and set the tray down there was a great howling noise. A sound of swordplay reached the ears of the young girls, and as they turned around to see what was happening large dogs dressed in armour and hodling swords burst in.
The leader barked, "Quickly, grab the Purrincess!", as more dogs burst in.
Ania gave a loud "Meeeowrrr" and grabbed the breakfast tray spilling everything to the floor. She swung at the first dog, hit him in the head and knocked him flat. Meanwhile the Purrincess was hissing and clawing at any dog that came near, but was hampered by her many skirts and ruffles. Ania continued her fierce attack and had injured quite a few of the sodiers when suddenly the was grabbed roughly from behind.
"I've got you now you little hellion," snarled the leader. "Stop fooling around and get the Purrincess you fools," he said to his knights. "As for you, you are coming too. A nice bit of kitty that we can have some fun with."
Ania trembled with fear as she was bound and slung over the shoulder of one of the dogs. Purrincess Kemi received the same treatment and both of them were swiftly carried away.
They had been captured by the fearsome Dog Knights.
Ania and the Purrincess [capured@the]
Purrincess Kemi was not going quietly! Who did these thugs think they were! Looking around her, while unceremoniously draped over the shoulder of her captor, she saw that they were heading towards the dungeons. GULP! She had wanted excitement, but not this kind! She squirmed, and kicked and Meowrred loudly but her captor had a very firm grip on her.

Well she was not going to take this lying down! Keeping her wits about her, she memorised every detail of the route they were taking - the stone steps, the long, cold, dark and damp passages, every corner, every doorway they passed.

Then she heard the CLUNK of a key being inserted into a lock, the graon of a heavy oak door opening and KERPLONK, she was dumped onto a bed of straw...
Purrincess Kemi [Pffftt@hercaptors]
"Wake Up!. Come on wake up!"
Ania slowly opened her eyes. For a moment she thought she had overslept again, but the memory of the dogs and the pain in her head soon brought her back to reality. Slowly she sat up and looked around at a dark and small dungeon cell. The Purrincess was across the cell from her sitting up and looking worridly in her direction.
"Oh finally. Are you OK? Those dogs put you down awfully hard."
"I'm OK," Ania told the Purrincess. "My head hurts, but other than that I'm fine."
"Good, then we can work on getting out of here." stated the Purrincess. "By the way that was a great fight you put up with the breakfast tray. Thanks. I wish I had been able to do more, but these stupid skirts got in the way."
"Hey, you put up a great fight too Purrincess. Most girls would have screamed and fainted. At least most of the ones I know."
"Thanks again. And you don't have to call me Purrincess all the time. We are both in the same litter box here. Call me Kemi. But I'm sorry I don't know your name."
"I'm Ania."
"So now all we have to do is get out of here."
"I don't even know where we are," said Ania, "much less how to get out."
"Don't worry, I know the way out, but first we have to get untied and out of these cells."
"OK. So first we get untied. Maybe if we got close enough together one of us could get a claw out and free the other. Those dogs didn't take into account the sharpness of meezer claws I'll bet."
"That might work. We'll just wiggle until we get close enough," said Kemi.
So the two young meezerettes slowly squirmed and kicked across the straw floor until they were almost back to back. Then Ania slowly reached back until she felt Kemi's pawickie and the rope tied around it. With careful swipes of her claws she worked until the rope binding Kemi's pawickies together fell to the ground. Kemi quickly unbound her hind legs and performed the same service for Ania.
"Well that was easy enough. Now all we have to do is get out of this cell, the dungeons, and the castle without the dogs seeing or catching us." stated the Purrincess.
Ania and Kemi []
Suddenly, there was a loud "THUNK" and the sound of someone coming down the stairs leading to the dungeon. "That must be the guard, or someone coming to check on us," whispered Ania.
"Quick, pretend we're still tied up!" said Kemi.
The two meezerettes quickly assumed roughly the same positions they had been in when they woke up.
They were just in time as the door at the end of the hall opened and. . .
Ania and Kemi [playin'possum@thedungeons]

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