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And so the tale begins.... The_Royal_Wedding_of_Remington_Seal_and_Purrincess_Kiwi,_Part_II.
StoryMeezer []
Nikki yawned. Lawdy, she was one tired meezette. She'd spent the last hour dancing the can-can (the flounces on her bridesmaid's dress were perfect for this), and her paws hurt. She'd had just a tad too much nip, too, and her dress was stained with gravy. In short, she was a mess.

Rama, well in his cups, had spent most of the evening using the string on his wand toy as a lariat, snaring a number of meezers for Nikki to dance with and an equal number of pretty meezettes for himself, whirling them around the floor with wild "yee ha's" and "Git along, little dawgies" and he, too was exhausted.

"Hey, Nikki," he shouted, "thar's another hitchin' about to take place!" Then he stopped and thought for a moment. He hoped all these weddin's weren't puttin' ideas in meezette's headickies. He'd better be a mite careful, here. He was much too young to be a-gettin' hitched, he was barely tutored! So he crept on his belly under one of the tables, lay on his back, put his cowboy hat over his face and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Nikki was gazing wide-eyed at Wimples. The poor dear seemed so upset.... wandering over to Wimples, she put her front paws around Wimples' shoulders. "Neffur mind, Wimples, here, wipe your nose on my dress," she said. Which caused Wimples to sob even louder.
Nikki []
“Darn those Geese!” yelped a frustrated Gorjuss. “I had such a good paw, er hand, too!” She stopped to eat a few goose turds. The geese were safely ensconced in the pond now, but had left a trail of green poos along the sandbank. G headed back to the dawghouse to discover that her friends had peeked at her hand, and had all thrown in the towel! They asked her why her pink bunny ears were on full alert.

“I am purrty sure I saw someone driving away in Panda’s GTO,” she told the others. “My pidey sense is tingling, as it werf. I am going to confurr with Roxanne and the other security team members. Woof waf! You guys hold down the fort!”
Gorjuss []
Random finally struggled through the dancers and the conversation groups and made his way to the buffet table where he had last seen Fiona or at least her tail. Just as he reached the table a striped paw darted from under the cloth an snagged a red sparkle ball that was lying on the floor. Random ducked under the tablecloth and came face to face with Fiona.

"What are you doing sitting under the table? Mickey is looking everywhere for you!"

"Oh no!" Fiona cried. " I don't want to see Mickey until this 'getting married' fad passes. I don't want to get married yet! I've just started having adventures and stuff. I don't want to get talked into nothing."

Random sighed, "What makes you think Mickey wants to get married? Has he said anything about getting married?"

"No", answered Fiona, "and I'm not giving him a chance to talk to me until all of the weddings are good and over! I don't want the idea to enter his head. I just want to be his girlfriend and go on dates and have adventures!"

"Well there may be a chase starting! Panda's GTO is missing."

"Really?" Fiona started tucking the hem of her long dress into the top of her undies. "Here", she said handing Random her high heels, "put these in your jacket pockets and let's find Mickey. The adventure is starting!"
Cookie Toes/Fiona []
Lola was still eating tuna puffs and chicken ala king when the buzz of conversation started to overpower the music. "What's happening, Baxie? Can yew see what ebewone is tawking about?"

Baxter belched loudly and looked around. "What? I don't know my love? Have another slice of this turkey."

Lola took the offered slice of turkey but waved it in the air absently as she attempted to see what was causing the commotion. She climbed to the back of a chair but still couldn't see what had attracted everyone's attention.

"Come on, Baxie!" she coaxed. Knowing he wasn't going to leave the buffet table easily, Lola dumped all of her toys and cosmetics and other treasures from a large straw purse and started dumping entire platters of food into the bag. When Lola had emptied every plate in the immediate vicinity into her purse, Baxter finally noticed that the food supply had run low.

"Where are the snacks?" Baxter asked, looking around puzzled.

Lola opened her purse and showed Baxter all the food inside. "Wet's go see what's happening. I packed a picnic wunch fow us."

"Yes, my love," answered Baxter, eyeing the bulging bag of goodies, "What ever you say."
The Lola []
20 minutes later, Bailey was in the air...he switched on his radar and found 8 blips flying in formation about 6 miles out..."aahhh - just as I thought - the Weasel Squadron, out on patrol.....perfect...!" He wasn't particularly fond of the Weasels, but they were good pilots and had helped each other out in the past...he keyed his helmet radio..."Alpha Bravo 1 to Whiskey Zulu Leader...acknowledge...!"...."This is Whiskey Zulu Leader...Bailey Boy, is that you...?"...."affirmative, WZ Leader...hey, how'd you manage to get all those crates flying in a straight line, WZL...?" "CRATES...!? the only "crate" up here is that litter box that YOU'RE sitting in, Alpha Bravo 1...! How's about you and me in a little race, Bailey Boy...? I'll bet you all of next year's pilfered eggs I'll be in the clouds and half-way to Mach 1 before you can get off the deck..!"...." In your dreams, WZL - lucky for you I don't much care for eggs, I wouldn't want to see you go hungry.....! Hey, but that's for another day...I got a favor to ask...I'm coming up on your wing..."..."Come on in, AB1...what can we do for you...?" Bailey maneuvered his MEEZX-16 alongside the Weasel Squadron formation and explained his request....

At the reception meezers, meezettes, honoraries and dignitaries were still dancing and milling about - exchanging conversation, munching buffet snacks and sipping drinks, snapping pictures and offering catnip julip toasts to the newlywed couples...the kittens were all playing happily, chasing each other back and forth through the hall....
They came in from the east, the sound of the jet engines emitting a low rumble, growing louder and louder as they approached the reception hall....all the guests looked at each other in consternation and then began rushing outside, pointing up to the sky as the "M"-formation came into view...just before they passed directly overhead, Bailey banked sharply away as the rest of the squadron continued on over the gathering crowd in the Missing Meeze Formation....
"For all the Meezers, Meezettes, Moggies and Doggies who couldn't make it here today...Clear Skies and Fair Winds to the Bridge..." Bailey whispered as he banked away......"Alpha Bravo 1 to Whiskey Zulu Leader...thanks, bud...I owe you one....Alpha Bravo 1 out...."....
Bailey []
"What izzat up in the sky?!?" screeched Rudie, his whiptail so puffed out you could see the vertebrae. "It's a bird! It's a plane? No! It's ... it's...

Purrince Rudolph []
Panda pulled out his iPod MP3 player and wired it up to the sound system. He had culled and premixed a wonderful, eclectic selection of crowd pleasers to purrlay just in case he needed a, erm, break.

"I need to use the litterbox," Ribbons cooed, taking the hint. "Gotta catnip my nose." Ooh, she thought, this date is going really well, thus far!

"I will escort you, Ribbsie. Toula and Massimo, will you keep an eye on things, purrlease? I need to get more mewsic from my trunk."

Panda took Ribbons' paw and they shouldered their way through the crowd, past swishing gowns, scampurring kittens, and wiener dawgs balancing trays of fishcakes made from Mewwwartha Stewart's complex recipe on their flat heads, and made their way to the side entrance. Many were outdoors at this point, taking a breather and enjoying the clear, mild evening. "How romantic!" Ribbons sighed. "The moon on the pond, the fireflies, and those delicious Canadian Geese... I am so glad we are here!"

Marley was smoking a catnip ceegar, the last traces of makeup on his face giving him a Joker-esque appeal. Keeping one eye on the crowd for Miss Sophie and another on the woodchipper made him seem cockeyed, which only added to his hysterical appearance. Grampa Kato patted him on the back, “I neffur married, yew know. My love and my lady were always the sea. Like in that song that is the bane of my Meowmy’s existence. But I do enjoy the company of a fine lass now and then!” He winked at Wicca, who chuckled to herself. She knew he was an old softie under his grizzled facade.

“Here, Marl, I have some moleskin patches in my purse for those blisters you got on your feet from those Manolos,” she laughed.

Lavender and Hut approached them, faces glowing, inquiring if they had seen Pepe Joe. “No dears,” said Wicca. “I believe he had to run off to do another event. I think he took Paprika and Wimples with him, dear Wimples seemed rather upset, too... Anyways... I do know they may be back for the midnight buffet. Ailsa made his favourite ham rolls!”

Suddenly, everyone on the terrace and lawn looked up in astonishment to see the aircraft pass over.

"Hey, where's my car???!" Panda exclaimed in horror.
Panda []
As midnight approached, Pepe Joe with his entourage was seen returning to the party. Hut took his precious Lavender's paw, and accompanied by his brothers Sid and Wide Body and his sister Daks and of course the Duchess, approached Father Pepe Joe for the most joyous moment of his life.
Hut the Magnificat []
Lavender giddily followed Hut, squeezing his hand gently and giving him loving eye sqeezes as he smiled at her. She still was a little dizzy from all the earlier fainting and felt like she was in a dream as Hut walked her through the crowds looking for his brothers and sisters. At one point they came across Wimples, who had composed herself and asked if she could help them locate Pepe Joe. Then Hut found a nice comfy purr pad inside where it was warm and they sat together, heads on shoulders, while they waited for the others to file back in. Soon Hut heard a gentle snoring and looked over to see Sam PC and Kairo sleeping through the excitement, then noticed that Lavender, too, had fallen asleep, head on his shoulder, and smiled widely.
Lavender []
what a nite! my big sister getting married spur-of-the-moment like that, all the fuud, all the music and dancing, neow a missing car...sure glad bailey didn't take me up in his little bird again!
hey unka random! what's the plan?
Tomo []
As Bailey banked slowly back towards the airport he was thinking of a plausible explanation he could give to Panda for "borrowing" his GTO without permission....ooohh myyy - Ribbons was going to be furious with him, so it had better be good....! ""I was looking for a CD....?" Hey, it worked for THEM....!, that probably won't work for ME, tho.....hhhmmmm...ok, how about - "Panda, I noticed it was leaking something, so I took it back to the airport to have the mechanics look at it..."...uuummm......but they don't work on cars...drat...!! Uuuummmm...what if I....." his reverie was interrupted by a sharp poke at the back of his helmet, then another harder one....he swiveled his head back to the rear copilot's seat and found himself staring directly down the muzzle of a SuperSoaker water pistol - fully loaded and the safety off - being held by a snarling Calico - an Al Catta agent...!! He must have stowed away, waiting for the Weasel squadron to depart...!!!
"Pleaze - you will be turnz around and fly zis plane on a courze of my trickz...!!" Bailey turned and scanned the cockpit without moving his head.."think, Bailey - THINK...!!!"....with a barely perceptible motion he switched the radio frequency to the one being used by the wedding party Security Team and switched both hemet mikes open so that all their conversation would be transmitted....."You'll never get away with this....where are you taking me...!?"....he felt another sharp poke at the back of his helmet...."You will fly zis plane back to ze wedding, where I will give you ze further inztructionz...and there you will be zeez ze vengeanze of AL CATTA - all glory to our mozt exalted leader, Omamas Bent Ladel....!! We have no more talkingz now...!! You will fly zis plane...!! No trickz....!!!"
Bailey turned the plane in a wide arc and slowly cut his airspeed, hoping to buy a few more precious minutes....thinking, praying - "Roxy, Pen, Incoming - I hope you're receiving this...!!"....
Bailey []
INCOMING was surveying the damage done to the horse durvies and trying to find those lovely little cheese-stuffed sardines among the chaos, when suddenly he went rigid and every hair on his body stood straight out so that he looked like a (very elegant) black hedgehog. Quick! he said, grabbing the nearest kittens and bashing their heads together to get their attention. - "Run now and find Roxanne and Pen, tell them it's URGENT they meet me by the superdeluxe woodchipper immediately! And round up anybody else that looks still sober and ready for some rough work, give them the same message. Can you remember that ???"
Incoming []
hey, incoming, what's up? i'm always ready for action, i'm sober, i just went to the box (dug for a long time), and i washed my paws after...i'm good to go!
look, here come lily and lester, my new meezer-in-law! hi, meezer-in-law! lily, find someone to hold your new tailring...we don't want to lose it on our next adventure!
what do you mean, what do i mean "our" adventure...i'm going on this one! i'm tutored, aren't i? let's gogogogo!!!
Tomo []
Random stopped so abruptly when he heard Bailey’s voice on Incoming’s radio that Fiona and Mickey almost went tumbling. As Incoming started to round up the Rascal knights Random turned to Tomo and said “Run nephew and round up all the knights both White Paw and Black Paw. Tell them to assemble in the parking lot. I’ll have ravens waiting to fly in pursuit of Bailey’s plane.”
Random ran outside and began to chant a strange melody in a pitch higher than his normal voice. Soon the parking lot was full of giant ravens waiting to carry knights in to battle.

Mickey and Fiona had not been idle. Fiona had found Paprika, Miss Sushi, Cookie and all the other torties and they were working very hard transporting the knights various weapons and armor from storage so that they would be available for the knights as they ran for the ravens.

Mickey and FK were assembling packs of explosives and strapping them to the ravens.

Quicker than anyone would have thought possible the wedding celebrants had turned into a small but formidable army.
Random []
Hut woke the sleeping Lavender and said "hurry love, we must find Pepe Joe right now! Trouble is brewing and I want to be married before leaving to settle the problem!"

Pepe Joe and Wimples were promptly rounded up, and with much aplomb, the wedding vows were quickly exchanged, with the rest of the Full House Kits as witnesses.

Lavender turned her lovely face towards her new husband Hut. Hut leaned down and gave Lavender her first kiss as his wife, then a second goodbye kiss. "I'll be back my love! Wait for me"

With that, Hut, Sid, and Wide Body joined the throng of knights ready to do battle.
Hut the Magnificat []
The Duchess smiled to herself as the wedding vows were exchanged. Hut will be so happy with his Lavender, she thought.

Once the ceremony was over and Hut and Sid and Wide Body had gone to join the rest of the knights, The Duchess, with Daks in tow, went over to Lavender, who was softly crying in distress at the thought of her new husband going off to fight. "Come now, my dear, nothing will happen to Hut. He has Sid and Wide Body with him and they will protect him with their life if necessary. Why don't you come with us and we'll keep you company until all the knights return."
The Duchess of Yowl []
Bailey felt another sharp poke at the back of his helmet...."Why iz thiz ze plane no flyingz fazt..??!! You are beingz tryz to trickz me...??!! You think itz beingz big zecretz, but i haz beingz zeen ze zpezificationz for zis plane...I am knowingz that it fliez MUCH fazter...flyz plane fazt now, or your mother Ribbonz will pay dearlyz....!!!" Bailey's spine bristled at the words...Ribbons....? What have they done to his mom...?? "If you've touched my much as a single hair out of place, I'll....I'll....!!"...."Aaahhh....we haz biengz gettingz, what you callingz - inzuranze...? Right now ze gloriouz brother followerz of our mozt exzalted leader Omamas Bent Ladel beingz havingz your mother in ze zightz of a hidden ZuperZoaker zniper will beingz doing az I zay or you will never beingz zeeing your mother dry againz...beingz flyingz plane fazt now or I will beingz givingz ze zignal to my AL CATTA brotherz to zoak her downz...!!!"...."Snipers...!! ooohhh, I hope you're getting all this, Security Team...!", Bailey thought. The only thing he could think to do now was to try to keep the Al Catta agent talking, and perhaps he'd reveal their plans....but only if someone was listening...! "You can't win, Al you know who's waiting for you down there..", as he spoke Bailey was scanning the cockpit was at that moment that his bomb bay activation light lit up and his worst fears were realized - his clumping litter bombs had all been replaced with Al Catta water balloons - green ones, blue ones, yellow ones..and yes - the dreaded PINK ones..!!.....these were the absolute worst Weapons of Mass Hydration...banned by treaty at the end of the Raccoon utterly fiendish...!! He continued to frantically scan the cockpit controls..."wait a minute...this COULD work...!!" he thought as he eyes fell upon the pilot and copilot ejection seat controls...."Do you know who's waiting for down there"....he continued, "Roxanne...Pendragon....Incoming...and the combined armies of the Knights of the Black and White Paws....!! Do you think for ONE moment that you can defeat THEM...??" He could hear a quiver in the Al Catta agent's voice - "Roxanne...Pendragon..Incoming...the Knightz...yez, we have knowingz of theze infidelz..they are beingz very formidible indeedz...." then his voice turned fanatically confident again..."but we beingz havingz of ze elemenz of ze zurprize..and ALL CATTA WILL be beingz triumphantz...!! All gloryz to Omamas Bent Ladel...!! You will beingz flyz ze plane fazter now....FAZTER....!!" "You won't stand a chance, once you hit the ground....they'll be all over you like alley cats on a fishhead...!!" Bailey repeated it..."once you hit the ground...!"...."did you get that, Security Team....I'm praying you're receiving this...!!", Bailey whispered to himself. "Once you're on the ground, you're toast....!!"...another sharp rap at the back of his helmet....."There iz beingz no more talkingz from you...!! Flyz ze plane....!!"...
Bailey []
An evil grin spread over INCOMING's handsome face as he overheard the transmissions from Air Bailey's cockpit.

As the knights and other warriors were assembling for battle from the various nooks and crannies (and tables) of the wedding party venue, the sniper had been discovered (ok stumbled over by a rather disgruntled Grampa Kato) lurking in the shrubberies. Since the sniper was wearing a mask, Grampa immediately jumped to the conclusion that here was a refugee from the Great Raccoon War, and raised the alarm.

The lovely Ribbons was now quite safe, and being tended to and pampered by an assortment of ladies, among them the formidable Mandynator who was temporarily serving as chaperone.

The unfortunate sniper was immediately trussed with a spare lariat and dumped unceremoniously underneath one of the woodchippers, where he was forced to listen to ALL of Grampa Kato's war stories.

Now, how to let Bailey know that his mom was safe???
Incoming []
The Knights quickly sorted themselves into pairs; each pair taking a bag of magic flash bang charges and mounting a raven. Random had called for them to execute Plan Raven 1H. This was the plan that the meezer knights had developed and practiced to rescue hostages on board an airplane.
Just as the magic ravens were turning into the wind readying for take off the meezer knights heard that Ribbons was safe now they needed to support Bailey.
Flying to intercept the small plane they could hear on their whisker radios Bailey's cryptic message that he intended to eject the Al Catta agent from the rear passenger seat but Rama standing on the head of his raven, spyglass to his eye, yelled over his radio "Bailey is pullin' an' pullin on the lever but nuthin' is happin'!"
"Execute Plan Raven 1H " Random replied "and I hope Bailey is as a good a pilot as I think he is."
The wonderful thing about magic flash bang charges (fondly called crackers by the knights and squires) is that they aren't meant to hurt anyone just startle anyone close to them.
The first raven came at Bailey's plane from behind and above it and at just the right moment the meezer spotter gave the signal and the meezer bombardier dropped a cracker a few feet in front of the small plane.
Bailey saw the bomb dropping into his path and turned hard to the right to avoid the explosion.
" Whatz iz happizing?" demanded the agent. Bailey couldn't answer because he turning hard left to avoid another bomb.
Random maneuvered his raven to be wingtip to wing tip with Bailey's plane. "Do your barrel rolls and loop-de-loops!" Random shouted "We'll keep him distracted." then Random and his raven climbed over the plane and Tomo dropped a charge right out side the villain’s window."
The Al Catta agent thinking that the meezer knights meant to sacrifice Bailey and kill them both turned his weapon on the ravens.
The Super Soaker was next to worthless against the magic ravens who were equipped with the latest in force field shields and who in any case didn't mind water being birds flew in all weather conditions.
Bailey started to fly the plane in twists and turns, rolling and looping and diving and climbing again and again!
Plan Raven 1H worked perfectly. Soon the Al Catta agent was turning a nasty shade of green and heaving out the window of the plane. Finally after a particularly tight turn followed by a loop-de-loop the agent lost his grip on the water cannon. The Super Soaker spiraled to the ground as the meezer knights cheered!
Random []
When he felt his cannon slipping, the Al Catta agent quickly tried to rescue it, reaching and reaching and Oops! Too much reaching -- the agent slipped out of his seat and began spiraling after the cannon. Fortunately with all the spinning, spiraling, dipping, and loop-de-looping, the cannon and the Al Catta agent spiraled in two totally different directions.

With a big "SPLOOSH" the cannon hit the ground, right in front of a worried Lavender. She looked at it curiously; then all heads turned as they heard a huge "UMPFF!" The Al Catta agent had opened his parachute, but he happened to be in an upside down loop of one of his many ground-seeking spirals when he did so. Instead of the 'chute opening and providing him with a slower descent, the agent was quickly wrapped up and entangled in the cloth and cords, and continued to fall. The "UMPFF" was the sound of his fall being broken by something softer than the ground.

The meezers ran to the bundle of cloth, string, agent, and "landing pad" as the weasel and the unfortunte meezer upon whom he had landed were untangling themselves. Lavender immediately saw the fringe of a seal colored habit and a crooked wimple poking out of the parachute, just as the Al Catta agent gained his feet and immediately grabbed his companion with a bite to the shpine hold.

Furious and no longer distraught, Lavender quickly picked up the Super Soaker and aimed it straight at the agent.

"Don't you even think about it you raccoon-loving dog-butt sniffing piece of canned cat food!" She screamed at the top of her ample lungs. "If you even bend one whisker on that seal head you'll wish you'd been buried along with Tomo's poops instead of standing there! I am a former officer on the starship Enterpaws of Zoltron and I know how to use one of these things!" She proceeded to demonstrate by squirting a jet just past the Al Qatta agent's ear.
Lavender []
Hut, spiraling back to earth on his raven, witnessed Lavender's brave actions with the Al Catta enemy, and was astonished that his blushing bride had that kind of gumption! "Wow, a gurl just like the Duchess in her prime! I'm so proud of my Lavender. Who'd a thunk she had that much spunk!!!"

Hut leaned over the raven (still hanging on for dear life) and shouted to his new bride, "Way to go Lavie! You've saved the day!"
Hut the Magnificat []
Bailey fought to control his MEEZX-16, avoiding the last of the flash bang charges and the sudden change in weight of his plane when the Al Catta agent was tossed out of his seat and began spiraling to the ground wrapped up in his chute "OMAMAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....".....
He righted the plane and noticed his bomb bay activation light was blinking - the bomb bay doors were opening....the Al Catta agent had managed to trip the switch before being tossed out...!!! Bailey hit his afterburners and was thrown back in his seat as his plane lurched ahead with a loud WHHHOOOSSSHHH, almost knocking the knights from the backs of their ravens....he HAD to get as far away from the wedding reception as possible before the Al Catta water balloons began tumbling out...!!
Pinned to his seat by the massive g-forces of his rapidly-accelerating plane, he managed to maneuver the plane towards an open field before the entire load of Al Catta water balloons dropped and began falling to the ground....

Cat Springer was standing up in the open sunroof of his limo with a pair of binoculars, watching the knights on their ravens attacking and screaming to his film crew, "Are you GETTING ALL THIS...???!!", when Bailey's jet roared by overhead....Bailey looked down as the bombs was then he recognized Cat Springer and his film crew set up and filming in the middle of the field....
Cat Springer's head swiveled as he followed Bailey's jet as it streaked by....his film crew were screaming at him and pointing to the sky, several of them had dived under the film truck...."Keep rolling the....FILM...!!! Keep rolling...!!! COME BACK HERE....!! Where are you GOING...??!!!"....his limo driver was tugging on his tail frantically..."OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD...WHAT IS IT..??!! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO FILM THIS...???!! WHAT is it you WANT...??!!!"...the driver pointed up to the sky, and dove under the seat....Cat Springer looked up...and his eyes turned as big as dinner plates....

Bailey watched as the water balloons descended...he shrugged helplessly and innocently....
Bailey []
Lily (with her tailring safely stowed in a velvet bag around her neck) tweaked Lester's ear. "Wake up, Westew! Youw is missing aww the excitemewnt!" Lester woke with a start and looked around him, blinking. "I thay! Wedding'th over, ith it? We have to get to the airport, Lily m'love, otherwithe we'll mith the plane to Than Franthithco for our honeymoon! Where'th that blathted valet? Our bagth aren't even packed yet!"

"Oh, youw'we such an owd fawt sometimes, Westew, we'we being attached by Al Catta and aww youw think of is..."

They had almost reached Cat Springer's limo when the water balloons landed with a sickening *thudsplosh*, right on target. Lester pointed a claw skywards. "Look, Lily, Bailey'th doing target practithe..." "No, no, Westew, don't point youw claw" A large water balloon hit Lester's claw and burst all over him. *cough cough thpit thake thpit cough thake*

"Thome honeymoon," said Lester, "and thith ith a rented tuckth! Wait till I get my pawth on that Al Catta!"

"Neffur mind Westew I think he's been weww taken cawe of," said Lily between giggles at the sight of her new husband with water dripping off his whiskers. "We have a plane to catch."
Sir Lester []
I weft my heart in Thanfwantithco....
i can't get that song outa my head! and how come i hafta carry all the bags? for a coupla ghosties, lily and lester sure need a lot of stuff for a one-week honeymoon! i think lily has more shoes than imelda mewcos...i hope some of the young meezettes are watching me carry all this! i sure am strong, aren't i? (flex, grin, flex, pose)
owwww.....where'd that pole come from?
neow they're all laughing at me!
Lily []
So ends the story of the Royal Wedding of Remington Seal and HRH Purrincess Kiwi of Canada.
Narrator []

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